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School News 2019-2020

Holy Communion and Family Ties

HCFamilyTies1On June 28th, Kimberly Johnson and Henry Boland received their First Holy Communion at St. Mary’s Church. As if that wasn’t special enough, they were also both wearing family mementos! HCFamilyTies2Kimberly wore her Mom’s First Communion dress and Henry wore the jacket, vest, and pin his Uncle wore for his Holy Communion. With COVID -19 many things may have changed, but what matters most certainly hasn’t.

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St. Mary’s Centennial Golf Tournament Kicks Off a Celebration of Events

St. Mary Logo croppedSt. Mary’s Centennial Committee invites everyone to take part in our Centennial Golf Tournament Friday, September 4th as we begin to celebrate our 100th anniversary. The tournament starts at 1 PM at Tregaron Golf Course with a scramble tee time and culminates at 6:30 PM with an Awards Reception and Dinner at the Knights of Columbus Event Center.

Entry Fee: $80 per person, $320 team entry fee, $20 for dinner only
Fee Includes: 18 hole green fees with cart; box lunch, goodie bag,
Dinner/reception, contests, awards, prizes and Silent Auction
Awards Reception After Tournament: Knights Event Center, 6:30 PM
Food and drinks: Hamburgers, brats, and all the sides; beer, ice water, tea and lemonade

To take part in the tournament you can register online or pick up a registration form at the church's south entrance. pdfClick here for registration form.

Volunteers, golfers, hole sponsors and donations are needed to make this a successful event! Please reach out to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and businesses. We hope to see everyone there.

Hole Sponsors cost is $150 per hole. For that you receive recognition on the golf course, program and at the Knights of Columbus Hall.

We also welcome any donations to assist in making this a fun event! It would be greatly appreciated if you could donate items to help us create: wine, Nebraska, garden, and outdoor/backyard baskets to name a few. Gift cards are welcome too. Contact Becky Feagan.

Questions: Contact Becky Feagan 402-639-8976/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or
Randy Leister 402-201-3026/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks to Craig Ames, Dave LaMontagne, Brian Holtmeyer for your assistance!

Please spread the word! Let the 100th anniversary celebrations begin!

At the Parish Picnic September 13th, the centennial committee will be taking pre-orders for centennial t-shirts [youth and adult sizes] and our centennial book.

You can also pre-order Centennial Memorial Bricks at the parish picnic. One hundred bricks for “ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF FAITH” at $100 each to be laid on church grounds next spring. Start thinking now, whose name you would like to memorialize on a brick for the next 100 years! Two lines on memorial bricks-$100; three lines-$110

Our goal is to sell 100 bricks, though we would love to sell even more!

God Has a Plan

JulieWedding1Julie Targy, like so many other brides, had special plans for her wedding day. She knew who she was going to marry, when, where, and how many guests there would be. Then, COVID -19 happened. Like so many other brides everything planned had to be rethought which at first blush was disappointing to say the least. Being a woman of faith, she accepted that changes had to be made. She knew that what mattered most, was marrying the man she loves. This is what she wrote on her facebook page:

JulieWedding2“For I know the plans I have for you”- Jeremiah 29:11

"God knows the plan for each of us, even when it’s hard to see it sometimes. Looking back on a day that to many people may have seemed 'ruined' or 'unplanned,' ended up being the most intimate and special moment of our lives. Of course, it wasn’t what we originally planned, but it was more perfect than we could have ever imagined.
May 22, 2020 was about Tyler and I entering into the most beautiful sacrament of marriage amongst our immediate family and God.
During a time in this world where everything seemed completely uncertain, there was nothing clearer that day than getting to say 'YES' to forever with my best friend.”

On May 22, 2020 Julie Targy, St. Mary’s alumna ’10, married Tyler Hinker.

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One of the Newest Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders Hails from Bellevue

Erin McMaster, a St. Mary’s alumna (‘10), is living her dream! Erin McMaster2020On June 12th, she was selected as one of the 2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders. Virtual auditions are in the books and the team selected. Mom, Kathy McMaster, says, “So, proud of our daughter, Erin. She has worked so hard and never given up on her dreams. I’m so excited to watch her live her passion and dreams.” Last year, Erin made the 2019-2020 Orlando Sea Wolves Dance team. She graduated from Bellevue West in 2014, and from UNL in 2018 with a Dance Degree from the College of Fine and Performing Arts.




Holy Communion Withstands the Test of Time

HC5COVID-19 has impacted a lot of things this year, including Holy Communion. Each year, our second-grade students dress up and walk together as a class to receive Holy Communion. HC17Unfortunately, things had to be done differently this year. CDC guidelines and the limited number of people allowed in the parish at any given time has our young people gathered in small groups or on their own going to the altar to receive the body of Christ. Nowadays, each of them receives congratulations and an outpouring of love on Facebook as parishioners share in their excitement with comments and likes as these young people get to taste and see the goodness of our Lord for the first time. Some of our students are also being baptized as well! Congratulations to all the children who are growing in their faith as part of God’s loving community!


Lilyanna D., Baptism, Holy Communion
Olivia D., Baptism, Holy Communion
Mackenzie H., Baptism
Reece K., Baptism
Adyen A., Holy Communion
Creighton K., Holy Communion (His mom was confirmed and also received Holy Communion that same day.)
Elijah H., Holy Communion
Emma C., Holy Communion
Olivia Z., Holy Communion
Rylan M., Holy Communion
Sutton M., Holy Communion

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Dinosaurs Come Alive for Pre-K

Dinosaurs1The St. Mary’s Pre-K class closed out their year with an awesome Dinosaur Costume Design Project and Parade. They ended the year learning about the Ages of the Dinosaur; discussing how dinosaurs are alike and different, how the dinosaurs protected themselves, and how they found food.

As the children were learning remotely, Mrs. Harms guided much of the learning material through stories, informational videos, and songs. She demonstrated the importance of strong skin and bones along with the importance of dinosaur size and tail strength. The children also learned that some dinosaurs were meat eaters (carnivores) and others plant eaters (herbivores).

Dinosaurs2Each child decided what kind of dinosaur they wanted to be and began designing their own costume. They used art materials packaged by their teacher and watched videos of Mrs. Harms and Mrs. Connealy guiding them through this creative project at home. When the body, tail, and head were finished, Mrs. Harms showed the families how to put the costume together. After the costume was ready, the children took 3 pictures to share with their teacher. They were to roar their best roar, wag their ferocious tails, and show off their terrible sharp teeth and claws.

Mrs. Harms and Mrs. Connealy were very impressed with the creativity and design ideas the children came up with during this project. Mrs. Harms created a photo slide show of each child that completed their costume and posted it on the class google classroom so everyone could see what their friends had created while learning remotely at home. The project was a grand success! 

See what you think about these dynamic Dinosaur Designs! For more photos click here. 

St. Mary’s Class of 2020 Oh the Places They’ll Go!

SMS Class2020 OhThePlacesTheyllGo HighSchools

There were 15 eighth graders in St. Mary’s 2020 graduating class. Eighty percent of the graduating class will be going to Catholic High Schools to further their education. SMS Class2020 WhenTheyJoinedTheClassAbout half of the class has been together since Pre-K and will now venture out on their own. Here is a breakdown of the schools this class will be attending in the fall. Seven will be going to Gross Catholic, four to Duchesne, one to Mercy, one to Bellevue East, and two to Bellevue West. Congratulations to the graduating class! 


For a photo of the class t-shirt click here.


                                                        Gross Catholic
Anush Bhujel, Evelyn Ferony, Grayson Janulewicz, Ayla Lee, Connor McGarry, Aaron Schmitz, and Christian Swiecicki

Audrey Creason, Judith Kadjo Gnambi, Audrey Leighow, and Rosalyn Morales

Katharina Storch

Bellevue East
Amelia Kirkpatrick

Bellevue West
Hudson Ames and Allison Parson

St. Mary’s Graduates Get a Real Graduation! Scholarships Total Over $18,000 to Graduates

Graduation64The long-anticipated graduation ceremony for the St. Mary's Class of 2020 was held on June 13th. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ceremony was delayed almost a month and held outside St. Mary’s School in the school parking lot rather than the traditional setting at St. Mary’s Church. God blessed the graduates and their families with a beautiful day, creating memories that will surely be kept in their hearts and minds for years to come.

Dr. Wallinger welcomed the graduates, their families, and teachers who sat in chalked areas ensuring that proper social distancing was observed. She said, “The pandemic may have prevented us from being too close to one another, but everyone was excited and happy to attend this special event.” Fr. Matt led the opening prayer and Fr. Del gave an inspiring speech. Ayla Lee spoke about the students' years together at St. Mary’s, recalling special memories of each grade level. Teachers smiled as they too recalled these graduates when they sat in their classrooms long ago.

Graduation1It is a long-standing tradition at St. Mary’s School for the 7th grade parents to plan the 8th grade banquet which includes a video composed of each graduate's baby or youth photos as well as photos throughout their school years. Though it was not possible to have the banquet, the 7th grade parents did not disappoint! Not only was there a copy of the traditional video for each graduate as in years past, but working with both Dr. Wallinger and teachers, the parents provided each graduate a wooden crate filled with special mementos including a Class of 2020 water bottle, a handmade painting from a 7th grader, and special collage photos as they walked up for their diploma.

Miss Sheridan, the 8th grade homeroom teacher, said they’re well prepared for high school and their future looks bright despite the unusual end to their academic career at St. Mary’s.

In addition to honoring the graduates with their diplomas and gifts, scholarships were awarded to the following students:

Rosalyn Morales - The Dr. and Mrs. Charles Longo Memorial Scholarship
Connor McGarry and Christian Swiecicki - Knights of Columbus Council 6192 Scholarships
Katharina Storch, Judith Kadjo Gnambi, and Ayla Lee - St. Mary's Alumni Scholarships
Evelyn Ferony and Audrey Creason- St. Mary's Catholic Daughters Scholarships
Audrey Leighow - 8th Grade Scholarship
Grayson Janulewicz - Dean Hascall Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Along with the St. Mary's community scholarships, students also received scholarships from local Catholic High Schools last February. 

Our recipients for the Cougar Family Leadership Scholarships were: Christian Swiecicki, Ayla Lee, Aaron Schmitz, Connor McGarry, and Anush Bhujel. 
Our recipient for the Duchesne Award was: Judith Kadjo-Gnambi. 


The total for all scholarships awarded was over $18,000! We wish the best of luck to all our graduates as they move on to high school in August. Congratulations to St. Mary’s Class of 2020! You did it!  For more photos click here.

Special Pre-K Memories

PreKMemoryBox2The Pre-K class at St. Mary’s was very busy preparing for a special end to our unique year together. Two important traditions in Pre-K include the Dinosaur Costume Design and Parade and the creation of the cherished Memory Box.

The dinosaur costume design and the memory box projects were a little different this year with our remote learning process, but with the help of Google classroom and video guidance with Mrs. Connealy and Mrs. Harms, the results were nothing short of outstanding!

PreKMemoryBox1Mrs. Harms and Mrs. Connealy used many classroom art supplies to create at-home art packets to assist the students with their memory box creations. The memory box starts with a simple pizza box, which the children decorate with Do-A-Dot paint stampers in a variety of colors that were included in their packets. After the paint dots dry the children are encouraged to use peel and stick foam stickers to individualize their design. This year the children watched Mrs. Connealy demonstrate the creation during one week of remote learning by watching a video on google classroom. Then the box was returned to school the following Monday, during the regular Monday pick up at the school.

Mrs. Harms and Mrs. Connealy then filled each box with many Pre-K year memories. The children get all their name tags and labels from their classroom, as well as a collection of projects, papers, and special self-portraits created throughout the year. They add a collection of poems and a Pre-K Certificate of Achievement for each child. However, the favorite memory in the box is a DVD video of classroom photos and memories from the entire Pre-K year created as a special surprise gift for each child. The children then picked up their finished memory box on the last Monday of school during the porch pick up. Many students like to keep these boxes in a special place, to take out and look over the memories over and over again. 

This year these special memories were especially important to Mrs. Harms and Mrs. Connealy, the students, and their families.

Next week Mrs. Harms will share the grand finale slideshow of pictures from the Dinosaur Costume Design Project. Another cherished memory for all the Pre-K children.

A Year to Remember

LastWeek10On Friday, March 13th, students were told to take home all their books and personal supplies. With uncertainty in the air about COVID-19, teachers, parents, and students were unsure if they’d be back in school by the following Monday, March 16th. The uncertainty didn’t last long as regular school was cancelled soon after and distance learning became the new norm.

As a result, the last official week of school looked very different. Instead of students being in classrooms emptying their desks, turning in books, and packing up their personal supplies into their backpacks, parents were asked to return text books, library books, and any school supplies taken home. LastWeek13Some families even donated toys and games for students to enjoy next year. Mrs. Lewis got a special game with penguins - and we all know how much she loves penguins!

Like everything else these last few months, COVID-19 has changed many traditions. The last day of school would normally involve attending Mass one last time with buddies; each teacher commissioning their students with words of wisdom as they move onto the next grade along with blessings for a safe summer; Fr. Del handing out final report cards; and goodbye hugs.

Knowing the last day of school wouldn’t look the same this year, teachers and staff made it special in their own unique way. Parents were invited to drive by Thursday morning, May 21st, for students to see and wave goodbye to those who missed praying with them, seeing them sitting at their desks and playing on the playground, eating lunch, chatting with their classmates, and learning and exploring every day through hands-on experiences each school day. LastDayDriveBy2Families were greeted with signs of hope, love, and well wishes for a great summer. There were lots of smiles, and a feeling of togetherness even though we’ve been apart - a special bond that can’t be broken. We all look forward to the time we can be together again! God’s peace and blessings to you all for a safe and fun summer.

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Countdown to the End of the 2019-20 School Year

TeacherFarewell9TeacherFarewell4Teachers and staff gathered one last Monday of the 2019-2020 school year as parents dropped off textbooks and picked up locker contents as the most unusual school year ever comes to an end this week. Teachers also got together to say thanks and goodbye to three faculty members not returning next year: Rebekah Crider, Corrie Schulze, and Lauren Traggiai. Mrs. Crider, a 2007 graduate of St. Mary’s School, will be staying home to welcome her first child due in September. Mrs. Schulze, herself a veteran, will be moving with her children and husband, still active duty, to California in June. Miss Traggiai, a 2013 graduate of St. Mary’s and a teacher’s aide the last two years, will be attending the College of St. Mary’s full time this fall. She will still be a familiar face around the school though, as she will be assisting with the Extended Day program. The staff enjoyed their time together and ate some goodies while still practicing social distancing. For those saying goodbye, there were flowers, gifts, and cards. Each received a framed photo of the Mary statue that is outside on the original wall of the school, along with a card signed by all. Expressions of gratitude from both those leaving and those staying were followed by a special blessing that has long been a tradition at St. Mary’s School. They extended their arms towards those they are sad to see leave, blessed them, and then continued into their classrooms to clean and pack up - a normal procedure at the end of every school year. Some things change and some things stay the same. Goodbye 2019-2020, and we can't wait to see you all next school year!

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Omaha Gives! – Counting Our Blessings

OG 2020 AnnouncementGraphics SquareShareGraphic FINALThank you to the 17 donors who helped St. Mary’s School raise $2,021 through Omaha Gives 24- hour online fundraiser yesterday, May 20th!. Your continued support and generous donations will help ensure St. Mary’s students and staff stay safe for years to come. The money raised will go to upgrade/enhance the school’s security system. Thanks for taking the theme, “We Care, We Connect, We Contribute," to heart. 






Road Rally Fun!

RoadRally43Our Lord  blessed us with gorgeous weather on Wednesday night, May 6th. A bit of a chill was in the air, but that didn’t stop St. Mary’s Road Rally from being a big success! Parents, following a map, drove their students around to teachers' homes, the rectory, the “drop off zone” at the school, and the church parking lot. At each stop there were activities for the students to do: reciting a prayer; saying “Mother May I” in Spanish followed by an activity of their choice; doing the same number of jumping jacks as ones birth date; eating two crackers and whistling (or singing) “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"; reciting the Pledge of Allegiance or singing the ABC's; dancing the “Chicken Dance"; fun twirls, jumps, and touching of toes at Miss. Kallman’s house; posters to color; and even some extra fun exercise-related activities provided by Mrs. Hug, our PE teacher. RoadRally89Each student received a sticker after completing the stop’s activity. With completed sticker sheet in hand, students were driven to the church’s parking lot where Dr. Wallinger, Fr. Del, and Fr. Matt with his beloved dog greeted them with a Road Rally certificate of completion, a baggie of homemade cookies, candy, a few elbow bumps, and of course, a blessing by Fr. Del and Fr. Matt. We are truly blessed at St. Mary’s Church and School!

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8th Graders Unexpected Last Day Surprise

8thSurprise20From the first day of school last August, St. Mary’s eighth graders have most likely been of this day! May 14th was supposed to be their last day; the day 15 eighth graders would say their last morning prayers in their classroom, eat their last lunch in the school gym, enjoy their last recess, clean out their lockers, and, right before the dismissal bell, walk to each classroom to say their final goodbye to teachers, and students, including their 2nd grade buddies. Due to COVID-19 and distance learning implemented in mid-March, none of this was able to happen.

What did happen however, was a total surprise!

Dr. Wallinger and the teachers made this day one the Class of 2020 will never forget!8thSurprise4 In the evening, each teacher carried out their assignment. They tied a blue and white graduation balloon to yard signs on which all of them had written messages and signed earlier in the week. Then they were on their way to make special deliveries. They drove to the yards of the eighth grade students and placed the heartfelt congratulatory signs and balloons in the yard, rang the doorbell, honked their car horns, and drove away with smiles as surprised parents, siblings, and our graduates themselves realized what had just happened.

They are now 2020 graduates, well-prepared to move forward even in these uncertain times. They are always welcome back to their alma mater. And when that day comes, hopefully elbow bumps will be replaced with warm and loving hugs. Graduation ceremonies will take place in mid-June. 

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Dissection - A Whole New Perspective

7thDissectionFor the 7th grade science class, the students finish their studies of animal bodies and functions by doing dissections. This year, they worked with pig hearts and cow eyes. The students tend to be a bit nervous about it, but it really is an invaluable experience for many of them. Reading about a heart or seeing a diagram of an eye is very different from holding one in your hand. Students commented this year on how many smaller veins and arteries were connected to the main blood vessels of the heart, and they were intrigued by the simplicity of the heart valves. 7thDissection21Students always love looking at the eyes. Such a seemingly simple organ, but it has so many intricate parts, most of which students rarely think of outside of class. Did you know that your pupil is actually an empty hole in your eye? Or that the back of your eye (the retina) is a fine, thin film that looks like an iridescent rainbow when you look at it up close? Animal bodies, and our bodies as well, are truly amazing, and the students are always very thankful for the opportunity to get to know more about them in a real, hands-on setting.

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May Crowning Tradition Lives on Despite COVID-19

MayCrowning3May Crowing is a long-time tradition for St. Mary’s School. It’s an event that the whole school looks forward to especially the 2nd and 8th graders who are at the forefront of the event. Due to distance learning and the Coronavirus’s social distancing guidelines, the crowning this May was unique but still memorable.

Instead of the whole school’s staff, students and parents watching the 2nd and 8th graders dressed up in their finest clothes from the pews inside St. Mary’s Church, parents’ cars drove up in the church’s parking lot waiting, not only for the thunder and rain to subside, but for their turn to open car doors for their 2nd or 8th grader to come forth, pick up a flower, walk to the school’s Mary statue placed on a table outside on the church’s parking lot sidewalk, and place a flower for Mary in one of two vases.

MayCrowning1Fr. Del read the Gospel and blessed the flower crown just as the first sprinkles of “heavenly tears” began to fall. Then, the first student who came forth to honor Mary was 8th grader, Katarina Storch, voted by her peers to have the honor to crown our heavenly Mother’s statue. After Katarina, 2nd and 8th graders alternated turns to honor Mary with a flower. Each student came forward alone, followed by the teachers who were present along with Dr. Wallinger and Fr. Del Lape.

As the rain continued to gently fall, Fr. Del once again faced the cars, extended his hands and gave a final blessing to all. The “heavenly tears” subsided long enough so that a few parents came forward to take a photo of their child next to Mary, surrounded by beautiful flowers.

May Crowning was different this year. But thanks to the school staff’s planning, the tradition was held and memories were made just as in years past. Different memories, but memories all the same that will be remembered for years to come.

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Alumni Give Back

AlumniGiveBack1St. Mary’s alumni are a very important part of our school. While at St. Mary’s, they learned about serving others and they have carried that lesson with them as they continue their schooling. It is wonderful to see them giving back to the school that taught them one of life’s most important lessons.

Alex Lee, a student at Gross Catholic, frequently comes back to run the scoreboard at St. Mary’s home basketball games as well as to referee the younger grades games. AlumniGiveBack6Macey McGargill, a student at Mercy High School, found time to come back to school one day in January to help her aunt, school nurse, Bridgette Laney, with a health screening. Preston Ames, a student at Bellevue West, often returns to his grade school help his dad coach his brother's basketball team.

There are so many ways to serve others. What better way than to come back to St. Mary’s School and help reinforce those ideals in the young students who will hopefully one day do the same?

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St. Mary’s School Principal Shares a Centennial Memory – What’s Yours?

TrishWallinger Wedding Photo2Our principal, Dr. Trish Wallinger, and her husband, Ted, began their married life together at St. Mary’s Church of Bellevue in 1979. For the last 40 years, Ted has carried a memento of that wonderful day with him in his wallet. Each time a wallet wore out, the picture of his young bride was carefully removed and put in a spot that he could see every time he opened the wallet to pay for something or show his ID. Although the picture is a bit less colorful and a little worn around the edges, the memory of their wedding day is just as bright and vivid as it was 40 years ago!

What a beautiful memory that is lived out almost daily. St. Mary’s is one year away from celebrating its centennial year. What is your story or memory from St. Mary’s School or Church? We’d love to hear it! Please send your stories to Becky Feagan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so your memory can become part of St. Mary’s cherished history to be celebrated next April 2021.

Trout in the Classroom -Dissection Time

5thDissection1As part of the "Trout in the Classroom" program, our 5th grade students had the opportunity to dissect 8”- 10” rainbow trout. St. Mary’s School Science Lab was temporarily transformed into a hotbed of comments like: “Ooohhh....I didn’t think it would be this cool to look inside a fish!”; “...look, I found the kidney!”; and “...pretty sure my fish had the biggest rocks in its stomach!”

After reviewing the purpose of the dissection, safety procedures, and tool usage, fifth graders tightened up their safety glasses, secured their plastic aprons, and donned their surgical gloves. They were ready! 5thDissection3With the help of an exceptionally well-made online dissection guide provided through Trout in the Classroom, application of what had been learned in science class, and the support of their lab partners the kids did an outstanding job of exploring the ins and outs (literally) of rainbow trout.

In related news, the tiny trout we had raised from the egg stage are now swimming happily in the Canyon Ponds at Schramm Education Center and State Recreation Area. Right up to the unexpected closing of schools, the fifth graders took their responsibilities in caring for the 200 eggs very seriously. Keeping tabs on the water quality, managing weekly water changes to keep the nitrite levels in check, recording the data, and just enjoying watching the development from eggs to recognizable fish kept them engaged. We are looking forward to doing this again next year!

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A Crowning Achievement

CrowningAchievement1Ashley Arrowsmith was named Prom Queen at Bellevue East High School on April 4, 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the school being closed, a virtual prom was held on zoom instead of a traditional prom setting. Arrowsmith has many other achievements to celebrate her senior year. CrowningAchievement2She has been in ROTC for four years and currently holds the title of purple squadron commander cadet rank of major.  Also, within ROTC, she was part of the Honor guard and drill team, the same group that does the Veterans ceremony every year at St Mary's School. This is even more special since Ashley graduated from St. Mary’s in 2016. Ashley was also on the varsity cheer squad which placed 3rd at state and completed her third year on the flag team with the Marching band which placed 6th in the state. She was also on the cross country and track team.

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Today is Not a Snow Day!

NotaSnowDay1Virtual School is in session. Students at St. Mary’s didn’t get the day off for an almost record setting snowfall for the month of April. 8.3 inches of snow was recorded at Offutt A.F.B. just a stone’s throw away from the school.NotaSnowDay8 Hope you all get your studies done and can get out and enjoy the last gasp of winter before the snow melts. Send Becky Billings photos of what you did for fun in the snow. For more photos click here.



Dr. Seuss Day – A Celebration

DrSeussDay1Dr. Seuss has been capturing the imaginations of young readers for decades and it’s always fun to celebrate him. Here at St. Mary’s, in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday Pre-K and Kindergarteners got to wear fun hats like the one in The Cat in the Hat and some of the great characters he created like “Thing One” and “Thing Two.” DrSeussDay11Father Matt came to visit, they figured out some Dr. Seuss math problems, created Thing One and Thing Two with hand prints, and even got to taste some “green eggs and ham” - the eggs actually got a thumbs up! Here’s to Dr. Seuss!

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Los Cascarones! A Mexican Easter Tradition

LosCascarones1aThe Manahan family had fun learning at home today! Natalie, in 5th grade, and her family made cascarones for an assigned Spanish and Art activity. Students had to blow the yolk out of eggs, decorate them, fill them with shredded paper, and then break them over someone's head! LosCascarones2The Mexican tradition is that this will bring good luck for the next year. OLE! Thanks, Señora Sjostedt for adding a little extra Easter "egg-citement" to this year’s festivities!

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Virtual Spirit Day

VirtualSpiritDay1On Monday, April 6th, St. Mary’s students showed St. Mary’s spirit by donning their spirit wear. We are Spartans. We are St. Mary’s proud and St. Mary’s strong. Social distance may keep us apart but can’t keep our spirit from soaring and showing our close bond. VirtualSpiritDay4From Kindergartners to 8th graders, you could feel the spirit alive within us. We love our school and each other!

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St. Mary’s Drive By and Say Hi!

DriveBy2This week’s drive by at St. Mary’s School brought teachers, staff, parents, and students together while maintaining their social distance. DriveBy3Teachers and staff planned for this moment by making signs expressing their feelings of love and support. They spread out around the school waving and greeting the students and parents as cars lined the block. Many students came prepared as well holding out their hand made signs to let their teachers know how much they love and miss them! The adage “absence makes the heart grow fonder” was on full display as each car drove by and you could see some tears and many smiles. This is one day we all will cherish in our hearts. St. Mary’s Strong!

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Lenten Prayer Service – Preparing for Holy Week

LentenPrayerService1For the first two weeks of Lent, St. Mary’s School hosts Lenten Prayer Services. The services, mostly led by students, begin with an opening prayer. Then the Gospel is read and acted out, a teacher gives a brief homily, and everyone watches a video that explained where their Rice Bowl money would go. LentenPrayerService17Students empty out their Rice Bowls and the service concludes with a closing prayer. One of the pillars of a St. Mary’s education is service. This is one way we continue to help people around the world. Students were in Spirit wear as part of “Spirit Day” for the first prayer service and in school uniforms for the next service. We are with you in Spirit as we now prepare for Holy Week.

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Mardi Gras – A Fun Time for Everyone!

MardiGras1On Mardi Gras, before social distancing became the new norm, St. Mary’s students paired up with their buddies, put on the Mardi Gras masks that they had previously made together, and paraded around the school. MardiGras14Their ultimate destination was the school gym where they could enjoy each other’s company sitting side by side and share some ice cream. Even Fr. Matt, who visits on Tuesdays, got in on the fun! He had a mask which he donned and helped serve ice cream.

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Virtual Spirit Days! - Keeping St. Mary’s Spirit Alive

VirtualSpiritDays1aMrs. Storch’s 7th and 8th grade advanced math classes had two Virtual Spirit Days last week. VirtualSpiritDays2The first day was Jersey Day in honor of our favorite sports teams who can’t practice or play right now, and then they had Thinking Cap Thursday. Even a few of the teachers had their hats on as well. Mrs. Storch is going to enter each of the students who participate into a drawing for an Amazon card provided by her. She will probably do a drawing once every two weeks!

Monday, April 6th - St. Mary’s School has scheduled a school wide Virtual Spirit Day! So, get your cameras ready. We’d love to see you show your St. Mary’s Spirit. Please send photos to Becky Billings at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Virtual School

Virtual SchoolThis is what week two of virtual school looks like at the Storch house. Five children - two of them Mount Michael students, three of them St. Mary’s students - all of them on their computers keeping up with their school work. Makes Mama happy as she works lesson planning for math, technology, and STEM classes at St. Mary’s. Make the most of this time with your family. Study, pray, and play together!


8th Grade Hats – A Creative Art Tradition!

8thGradeHats1The 8th grade hat parade is kind of a rite of passage passed from art teacher to art teacher, Mrs. Schutt to Mrs. Crider, and from class to class. Mrs. Crider did this when she was in 8th grade, and now her 8th grade class is doing it as well! The students are tasked with creating a hat with a theme that needs to measure 12 inches in height, width, or depth, is sturdy enough to parade around without holding on to it, and must not fall apart on the journey.

Mrs. Crider says, “The 8th graders did a GREAT job with their projects, and the rest of the school enjoyed seeing them.” She handed out beads to the 8th graders before they paraded through the classrooms.8thGradeHats11 Traditionally, the hat parade is done around Mardi Gras, so it was fun to tie it in with the schools mini Mardi Gras party and go collect each class to join in on the parade. Buddies partnered up and paraded around until they got to the gym for a "Fat Tuesday" treat: ice cream!

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Deadline for St. Mary's Alumni Scholarship Draws Near

Don't miss out on St. Mary's School Alumni Scholarship 2020 opportunity. Applications are due by March 31st. Since 2014, the St. Mary's Home and School Association has offered scholarships to 8th graders and alumni. If you are an 8th grader who will be attending Catholic high school 2020-2021 or a 12th grade alumni who will be attending Catholic college/university 2020-2021 March 31st is only a week away to get your application in. The 8th grade scholarship(s) will be announced at the 8th Grade Banquet Friday, May 15th. The 12th grade scholarship(s) will be announced by Friday, April 10th. Direct your questions to Scholarship Coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or call 402-598-1262. Thanks to all who support the Home and School Association which makes this opportunity possible.

St Mary's Information

St. Mary's Catholic School is a Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade School of the Archdiocese of Omaha. Our mission is to provide a Catholic education that nurtures students' hearts and minds to become servant leaders in an ever-changing world.

Our philosophy of education is to offer a five-day program to assist families in teaching those truths, skills, and ideals, which are necessary for Christian living. We believe that education must develop the faculties and abilities of the whole child: spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. To help achieve this, our faculty and staff are an integral part of the formation of Christian community and dedicate themselves to the task of developing Christian citizens.



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