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School News 2018-2019

The Gift of Public Speaking Starts Early and Naturally

Public Speaking rev2At St. Mary's School, our students have many opportunities for public speaking, even in the younger grades. Here is a student at our Wednesday, All School Mass, reading the Mass Intentions. She was one of eight, 2nd grade students who read at Mass. One of our recent graduates, now attending public high school was asked what she observed as any major differences between herself and her public-school counterparts. She said, “one of the differences she really noticed was her advanced ability in speaking expressively and extemporaneously.” Her mom attributes it to reading during Mass and other public speaking that the St. Mary's students do. Even at a young age, they are taught, "you have something to contribute."

Prayer Warriors Meet Weekly at St. Mary’s School

JrLegionOfMary1The Junior Legion of Mary prayer group has gotten off to a strong start. Currently ten students, along with leader Mrs. Teresa Hollars and Father Val meet on Mondays after school to pray the rosary. At the beginning of each decade they include prayer requests from students and staff. If you have a prayer request, please drop it off in the box in front of the office so we can pray for you. New members are always welcome. Come join us in the Spanish room on Mondays until 4:30 P.M. If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Sjostedt. For more photos click here.

Sixth Grade Service Project Benefits Babies and New Parents

EPSBabyDriveDelivery2For seven years now, the 6th grade class has sponsored a Baby Drive for Essential Pregnancy Services (EPS). Your generosity enabled the class to walk across the street and deliver more than 50 beautiful baby items for new parents and their babies. While at EPS, students got to tour the building, visit the classroom where the nurse showed them pictures of a developing baby, see the boutique where parents select needed baby items and learned about services available for new parents who may be struggling with the arrival of a new baby. Students found out all baby items are free, parents earn them by taking different classes such as baby safety. Many thanks to everyone who supported our efforts by making donations. That allows us to continue our mission to promote and support life at all stages. For more photos click here.

6th Grade Science Gets Its “Mad Scientist” On With Fun Experiments With Dry Ice

IMG 0064Who knew learning about changes of state in matter, specifically sublimation, going from a solid to a gas without becoming a liquid, and the transfer of thermal energy that causes changes of state could be so cool? Sixth graders got a real treat with some hands-on experimentation using dry ice. Here’s what our student writer, Taylee Wharton reported: When Mrs. Ham, our Middle School Science Teacher, took a brown paper bag with dry ice in it, students noticed condensation, that’s where the gas becomes a liquid. We all felt the bag and observed dry ice is more dense than normal ice. As soon as we opened the bag, fog started to come out (sublimation). It stopped fogging for a minute when Mrs. Ham put the ice on a towel. Then it started to fog again. When an object touched the ice, it sizzled and the tongs started to freeze. Mrs. Ham also demonstrated how dry ice shatters into pieces when struck. She showed us what happens when dry ice is put in water – a lot of fog, just like a scary Halloween movie! Eventually the dry ice will totally dissolve. When the dry ice was put in soapy water, the water bubbled up so high it overflowed. Finally, students put some metal nails in the dry ice to see what would happen. Some thought the nails would rust, but they just froze onto the dry ice.

EPS Baby Drive

The 6th grade class is sponsoring their annual service project to support life, a baby drive. Just a reminder it’s not to late to help them by donating to their cause. They are collecting baby items for the Essential Pregnancy Services located across the street from our school. The drive ends September 28th. Items requested but not limited to include: Girls: 0-3 months: fall/winter girls’ sleepers, outfits and onesies, 0-6 months: girls’ socks and hats and any baby blankets and medium gift bags. Please bring your donations to the school office or give them to any 6th grade student. Thanks for helping support our tradition of service to others. Next week the students will take a tour at EPS and bring their donations with them.

Constitutional Conflict Then and Now- History Brought to Life

Durham AssemblyConstConflictSt. Mary’s was excited to welcome actors from the Durham Museum who presented “Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton: Conflict and the Constitution” at an assembly for grades four through eight. This glimpse of the full performance examined the need for balance between State’s rights and a centralized government while giving the audience a taste of what the negotiations were really like. Throughout this presentation, students witnessed how the relationships between key figures, and the need for compromise, between two opposing factions resulted in the development of the imperfect, but ever evolving, government we have today.

A Life Changing Moment for Pre-K Students and Some Monarch Butterflies

Butterflies1Pre-K students witness the beauty of nature as they release Monarch butterflies. Three females and one male butterfly were set free. The class was thrilled! For weeks, in class, they learned about the stages of a butterfly and through observation, saw the transformation from a chrysalis to a butterfly. They learned that Monarchs are among the most easily recognizable of the butterfly species which call the Americas home. Monarch butterflies are bright orange with black and white markings. The body of the monarch is black. The head has a set of antennae. From the thorax come the wings which are mostly orange with black veins running throughout. The outer edge of the wings has a think black border. Within the black border are white spots. From now on, these Pre-K students will have a new appreciation for one of God’s creatures that blesses us with their presence each year. For more photos click here.



Having Fun With a Buddy

Having Fun With a Buddy1“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” - Dr. Seuss
Kindergarten and 4th graders got together to start the new year off. At St. Mary’s we have buddy classes where our older students mentor our younger students. This fosters new relationships that set a wonderful environment at our school. It builds team spirit and camaraderie. Oh! The things we can do. We get to create things, read together and sit next to each other in Mass to name a few. Today, we were being creative. It sure is fun having a buddy! For more photos click here.

STEM Breeds Creativity in the Classroom

STEM1Each year fourth graders work in teams to create a STEM tower. This is where the student’s creativity meets with their learning. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This simple task helps the students develop an understanding of technological design along with identifying a simple problem and possible solutions. Students are given 50 index cards along with 12 inches of tape. Nothing else is used except for their previous experiences, team work, and ingenuity. They must create a tower at least 20 inches high that will hold "Harry, the Birthday Spider" for 30 seconds. Although not all towers stood successfully, all students were successful in the task.  For more photos click here.

Rhythm and Words Make Up Something Musically Delicious!

K music rev Kindergarten students have been exploring the rhythm of different words in music class to start off the new school year. We choose a theme and then brainstorm on what we will include in our creation. Then we put all the items or ingredients together into an interesting class performance. So far, we have made a rhythm pizza and a rhythm hamburger - it has been musically delicious!



Home and School and Your Volunteerism

StMarysLogo 1890x1158Members of the Executive Board of St. Mary’s Home and School Association are excited to welcome you to the 2018-2019 school year and want to thank you for the hours of work you as families of St. Mary’s School dedicated to the students and teachers last school year. Through our fundraising efforts during the fireworks stand, the fall fundraiser, monthly food nights and the benefit auction, we raised more than $100,000 for our school. These events are only successful due to the generous service of our families.
Please note, it is each family’s obligation to fulfill service hours for the school each year. For two parent families, the service hour obligation is 20 hours and 10 hours for single parent families. Many activities Home and School sponsors need parent volunteers or these events cannot take place. Please take a few minutes to complete the volunteer form. Click here for form. at this link: Home and School Volunteer Coordinator, Lisa Schneider, will send out emails accompanied by links to Sign-up Genius with volunteer opportunities throughout the year.
Upcoming Events for August hosted by Home and School:
· Welcome back ice cream social - August 13th 6 pm – 7 pm @ St. Mary’s School gym
· Arrows to Aerospace parade – August 18th 10:00 am start time – participants will meet in school parking lot at time to be announced

Please prayerfully consider how you will use your talents during the 2018-2019 school year to serve our school community through Home and School volunteer opportunities.

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