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6th Grade Science Gets Its “Mad Scientist” On With Fun Experiments With Dry Ice

IMG 0064Who knew learning about changes of state in matter, specifically sublimation, going from a solid to a gas without becoming a liquid, and the transfer of thermal energy that causes changes of state could be so cool? Sixth graders got a real treat with some hands-on experimentation using dry ice. Here’s what our student writer, Taylee Wharton reported: When Mrs. Ham, our Middle School Science Teacher, took a brown paper bag with dry ice in it, students noticed condensation, that’s where the gas becomes a liquid. We all felt the bag and observed dry ice is more dense than normal ice. As soon as we opened the bag, fog started to come out (sublimation). It stopped fogging for a minute when Mrs. Ham put the ice on a towel. Then it started to fog again. When an object touched the ice, it sizzled and the tongs started to freeze. Mrs. Ham also demonstrated how dry ice shatters into pieces when struck. She showed us what happens when dry ice is put in water – a lot of fog, just like a scary Halloween movie! Eventually the dry ice will totally dissolve. When the dry ice was put in soapy water, the water bubbled up so high it overflowed. Finally, students put some metal nails in the dry ice to see what would happen. Some thought the nails would rust, but they just froze onto the dry ice.

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