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Fun Filled “Benefit Auction” Weekend in Chicago for St. Mary’s Alumna

CharmaineLabCoat1I won the bid for the Chicago Cubs vs White Sox package trip at the "Spring for the Children Benefit Auction last year."
My travel companion, Tina and I are both ER workers: I'm an ER doc and she's an ER nurse. We both work night shifts but in different hospitals, so when we need a break: WE NEED A BREAK! (if you know what I mean!)
We both love MLB baseball and learning new cities so this was a great opportunity for Rest & Relaxation.
We really enjoyed discovering the sights and touring the city of Chicago! Also, what a great hotel!!! We loved the location and the staff was so hospitable. They really made us feel welcome!! Also, we really appreciated the food vouchers!! It was a few less decisions to make and we were all about exploring anyway, so we had no preconceived notions or opinions about where to eat. The donor made some great choices!
So we took the double decker bus tour that afternoon around Chicago and really got a feel for the lay of the city. We walked back to the hotel to enjoy the ambience and decided to eat at Ditkas that night because by then we were starving. A friend had recommended the Bloody Mary's so I tried one and loved it. But the meal was fabulous!! DELISH!!!
Tina decided to go for a short after dinner walk and I crashed again...I really needed to catch up on sleep.
The next morning, we were up and at 'em and finished the rest of the city tour on the double decker bus. We stopped off and got our free popcorn (at Garrett's, what a treat!!! I had never had it before) and our free T-shirt (from the double decker city tour bus people) and then went to a Jewelry store to get our free "gift" of a jar of jewelry cleaner and of course, I had to buy 3 different rings that I fell in love with!, what great memories and souvenirs. We ended up taking a taxi back to the hotel and then on up to Wrigley Field to get in our seats on time. What a great experience!! The food! The souvenirs! The crowd! It was all great! I used to live in Boston and went to Red Sox games at the Fenway, and this reminded me of it with the older stadium and the passionate we tasted all the treats and did a little more shopping for Cubs T shirts and other souvenirs. We took the "EL" back to the city and stopped off to have our pizza on the way home. It was delicious, hot and gooey and just awesome!
We crashed and the next morning I got up and went to Mass at Holy Name Cathedral (loved it and it was just a short walk away) and then met Tina at Ditka's for breakfast, which was quite tasty. Boy did we have a great time!
CubsGame2I want to thank you for coming up with the idea of the trip and I hope you consider repeating it...or maybe even someone will do a similar trip but to a different ballpark. We loved it, we needed it and we are grateful for it! Thank you from the two of us!!

In fact, I liked it so much I'm coming back again this year. All the way from Huntsville, Alabama. Any other alums out there who'd like to join us. We'd love to see you there.
Charmaine Ortega, Alumna '71

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