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School News 2015-2016

Connealy’s Show Their Spirit

Conneally2The Connealy's don their St. Mary’s Spirit wear while in South Dakota and Nebraska. Joe and Carla Connealy along with their three younger daughters, Addey, Maria, and Lucia spent some time relaxing in South Dakota.

Mount Rushmore:
Carla Connealy and her daughters, Lucia (K) and Maria (6th) enjoyed an afternoon visiting Mount Rushmore learning how it was carved, walking the path under the faces, and finding Nebraska's flag and plaque displayed there. Not pictured are Joe and daughter Addey, (class of 2015).

Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park:Conneally1
Carla Connealy with her daughters, Lucia (K) and Maria (6th), enjoy the view from the top of the rocks around Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park. They enjoyed hiking around the lake as a family with dad, Joe and sister, Addey, not pictured. Also along that day was Addey's dog Peanut who loved to climb the rocks as much as the girls!

Conneally3Fort Robinson:
Carla Connealy with daughters Lucia and Maria and Addey's (not pictured) dog Peanut sitting in front of the adobe that they stayed in at Fort Robinson State park in Nebraska. The family stopped to visit their niece and cousin who was working there for the summer, and stayed a few days to enjoy the park. The building they stayed in was the officer's quarters when the the Fort was a Calvary post. They enjoyed horse-back riding, tubing, a jeep ride, and buffalo stew while they were there.

There’s still time to get your photo taken and submit it for the summer photo contest coming up Monday, August 15th at the Ice Cream Social. To enter send photos to Cathy Braxton.

Showing Their Spirit at the Air Show

Braxton1The Braxtons were one of many families who attended the Defenders of Freedom Air Show 2016 at Offutt Air Force Base. As soon as we walked in there were already planes flying and people all over. Jeff particularly, “liked the vintage aircraft especially those from the World War II era." Braxton2Caleb (2nd) seemed to really want to shop, but his "favorite plane was the F18, it was really loud". "I like the Thunderbirds." says Josh (6th). "I like the community getting together to celebrate freedom in America" says Anna (2016 Alumna).

You too can show your St. Mary’s spirit. Put on your Spirit Shirt, take photos and submit them for a picture collage we are posting on the St. Mary's School facebook page. Each photo will be an entry for a drawing that will occur at the Ice Cream Social. The winner will receive a $25 SCRIP card to Marcus Theaters. All pictures submitted will be posted on the school webpage and school facebook page. Email all picture submissions to Cathy Braxton.

Julie Targy – A Young Woman on a Mission

JulieInternJob2016Julie Targy was selected as one of four student summer interns for the Sioux City Explorer Baseball Team. Her job is "Promotions Intern". Julie is the face of the Sioux City Explorers in the crowd and takes care of anything to do with the public; team publicity, game promotions and interacting with the fans. During home games she walks around the bleachers with a microphone, and her sparkling personality, and interviews people, cracks jokes and keeps the home crowd laughing and enjoying the game. Although she doesn't travel with the team, she really enjoys the home games. Julie's major right now is Education with a minor in Spanish. She made the Dean's list both freshman and sophomore years, and holds a 3.9 grade point average and went as one of the leading players with her basketball team to the NAIA Championship playoffs. Julie had a lot of success commentating the Briar Cliff baseball games, and girl’s softball games this year. She has already been offered the job again next year by the Briar Cliff Athletic Director and he, the marketing team and the local radio stations are encouraging her to consider changing her major to Sports Marketing. Julie really loves this new adventure with public speaking and commentating, but also loves teaching in the classroom, so she hasn't made a decision yet.
Julie1The last week of May, Julie returned home from her Mission trip to Mexico City with a group from FOCUS. They traveled there to minister to the street children and host a sports camp for local kids. They also spent time with the nuns who live near the shrine for "Our Lady of Guadalupe" built at the location where she appeared to St. Juan Diego in 1531. It was a very moving experience and Julie hopes to go again next spring as a junior. She has already rallied several of her teammates to go with her. For more photos click here.

Million Dollar Giveaway

Grandstand for Schools 2016One hundred schools in the United States will win $10,000 in the Campbell’s Grandstand for Schools $1,000,000 Giveaway. St. Mary’s School in Bellevue could be a winner. We need your support enlisting family, friends, co-workers and anyone else you can think of to enter the contest daily through October 31st. No purchase needed, but, you do have a chance to get 5 bonus entries with a receipt showing any participating product. For more details on the contest and a participating product list please click here. The contest is open to legal residents of the 50 states and DC, age 18 and over. Let’s work together! Ten thousand dollars could go a long way in making our school even better than it is today.

The Mother’s Day Flower Fundraiser Blooms

StoltenbergHalfPage2016Home and School partnered with Stoltenberg Nurseries again this year for a Mother’s Day Plant Sale. Thank you to everyone who made it a point to think of your Mom, sister, Wife, Grandma, Aunt, cousin, or friend by purchasing vegetables, annuals, perennials or trees. Together we raised $843.85. Fifteen percent of the sales went to support the school. With last years fundraising of $1,077.72 this Home and School Mother’s Day event has raised almost $2,000 for the school in two years.

Preparing for School

SchoolflwrsThe traditional Ice Cream Social is coming up quick Monday, August 15th. IceCreamSocial13We are looking forward to meeting and welcoming all the new families and students and getting back together and reconnecting with our school family. School starts August 17th and it’s a full day! The supply lists for each grade are listed on the school website so you’re ready day one. Click here for lists.

We look forward to another great year at St. Mary’s School.

Bryce and Josh’s Excellent Adventure - Engineering a Crane

Crane1St. Mary’s school has been teaming with the Bellevue Public School system to offer challenges for our High Ability Learner’s (HAL). This year, Bryce and Josh were tutored on the fundamentals of engineering design and development. They learned about the basic processes of “spiral development”, simple electrical motors, gears, electrical resistors, switches, electrical power sources and circuit design. Crane2With simple electrical and mechanical components, batteries and a cardboard box, they were able to develop, over 8 revisions – improving with each revision - a simple crane that could lift small objects at 3 different speeds. The electronics in the box had self-contained lighting and cooling along with a status light to identify when the crane was operating. In addition, the boys developed a video presentation with a component list, functional description of the components and a graphical description of each design revision. To view the video of their Excellent Adventure, click here.

Visiting Family and Showing Spirit

Natalie1Natalie is visiting cousins in Michigan and showing her St. Mary’s Spirit along the way. Natalie2She couldn't resist a photo opportunity in front of a candy store during a stop at the Saint Louis airport. There’s still time to take a picture with your Spirit Shirt and submit it for a picture collage we are posting on the St. Mary's School facebook page. You don’t even have to leave town. Just show your school spirit. Keep your photos coming. Each photo will be an entry for a drawing that will occur at the Ice Cream Social. There will be one winner of the drawing. Prize: $25 SCRIP card to Marcus Theaters. All pictures submitted will be posted on school webpage and school facebook page. Email all picture submissions to Cathy Braxton by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Conversations with Presidents

WaxMuseum1Fourth graders researched a United States President and brought them back to life. The students' focus was on that particular president's history before, during, and after his presidency. After their written and oral classroom presentations, students gathered together in groups of 2-3. From there they discussed what their president would like to be remembered for in history. The students then came up with dialogue between the presidents about these accomplishments. Students created a museum exhibit with artifacts and pictures about their presidents. They dressed as their president or wife and transformed into wax figures in the museum exhibits. With a push of a button the wax figures became animated and had a conversation with the other presidents in their exhibit. This project allowed students to get to know our presidents on a more human level and not just a research project. For more photos click here.

Scholarship Awarded to St. Mary’s Graduate: Destination Medical School

Marlene2016 2Marlene Djidjoho receives the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Scholarship for African American women. Marlene class of ‘11 is entering her Sophomore year at the College of St. Mary in Omaha. She graduated from Mercy last year. Marlene is majoring in biology and minoring in psychology and holds a 3.95 average on a 4.00 scale. Her goal is to become a physician. She will use the $1,000 scholarship to help pay her current tuition. Congratulations Marlene! We’re proud of you.

Pioneer For a Day

PioneerDays1Fourth graders across the state of Nebraska study Nebraska History and most fourth grade lesson plans include a “pioneer day”. It is one of the highlights at St. Mary’s. You can imagine the excitement for St. Mary’s students after their last P.E. class of the year as the students change into their pioneer clothes to begin a day of pioneer activities.
First, Dr. Wallinger, an avid quilter, read a story about quilting. Allison Parson showed her classmates the quilt made by her great-grandmother when she was born. Dr. Wallinger explained to the class how the quilt was hand stitched vs. her own quilt that was machine stitched. Students were then shown how to thread needles and each received fabric squares, a needle and thread all provided by Dr. Wallinger. The students became very engrossed in this activity. Many of them sewed several pairs of fabric squares and began to donate their finished squares to two classmates who sewed them all together in an act of love and generosity for their teacher, Miss Jankovich.
Milking cows was next on the agenda and though some students anticipated a real cow to milk, latex gloves filled with water, not milk, gave them the idea of how to milk a cow, one of the necessary chores of pioneer children. Students knew that from a cow’s milk came butter that the pioneers also had to make. They too made “butter” by shaking whipping cream. They were soon spreading it onto homemade corn bread while eating their pioneer lunches! These St. Mary pioneers washed their hands the old fashioned way. With the help of 2016 graduate, Anna Grace Braxton, students scrubbed their hands using a pitcher, basin and handmade soap made the true pioneer way with animal fat and ashes.
PioneerDays13Even recess was pioneer related as students played “Bean Bag Toss” and “Drop the Handkerchief”. Recess continued inside with the playing of “Potatoes Relay Race”.
Our pioneers then explored the art of soap carving. The Ivory soap left a wonderful scent throughout the room when the students left the class to attend the honor assembly for the younger grades. Upon returning students made whirligigs out of paper plates until it was time to end their “pioneer day” and return, not to their sod homes or dugouts, but to their modern day versions of “home sweet home”. For more photos click here.

Celebrating 100 Years – National Parks

EveryKidInAParkThe National Park Service is celebrating its 100th birthday in 2016. As part of the celebration an initiative called “Every Kid in a Park” was implemented to get school children outdoors to enjoy the beauty that is ours. Fourth-graders and their families can see America’s natural wonders and historic sites for free. That means our national parks, forests, wildlife refuges and other federal waters. Current 4th graders have until August 31, 2016 to visit for free. To get your “Every Kid in a Park Pass” click here. Current third graders can get your fourth grade pass September 1, 2016. It’s good for a year. So get ready to go out and explore. The United States has 59 protected areas known as national parks.

Visiting Our National Parks

NickJoeNP1This summer Nick and Joe show their St. Mary’s Spirit as they visit Yellowstone, the first National Park established in 1872 and Grand Teton National Park.NickJoeNP2 This is the 100th birthday of the National Park Service. Photos are part of our summer photo contest. For more photos click here.

Walking History Tour of Bellevue

WalkingTour7St. Mary’s 4th graders gathered on Monday, May 23rd with 4th graders from St. Matthews for their annual walk around Bellevue to see its historical sites. A rainy forecast didn’t stop the students, teachers and parent chaperones from visiting the old bank building, log cabin, the original First Presbyterian Church nor the Bellevue cemetery. A Bellevue docent explained the history of each building. At the old bank students saw the walk in vault, old technology [a typewriter], Fr. Galvin and the first Bellevue College display cases as well as a 100 year old wedding dress just a few of the many items on display. They re-lived how life without any plumbing or electricity was like when Mrs. Mountain lived in the old log cabin which used to be down near the river. Students heard about the 1908 Bellevue tornado that ripped off the steeple of the original Presbyterian Church and saw beautiful original stain glass windows that honored the earliest elders of the church including Dr. Betz for whom Betz Road is named. Prayers were said over the grave of a pioneer child and students visited the grave of Big Elk and his warriors. Big Elk, the last full-blooded Omaha Indian chief, was baptized by Fr. DeSmet who is pictured in one of the stain glass windows at St. Mary’s Church. God answered their prayers of no rain until radar showed approaching storms, which cut their visit to other notable graves. Changing the annual lunch in Washington Park to lunch in the classroom after a quick hike back to school became necessary before the skies opened up. St. Matthews returned to their school and when the skies cleared St. Mary’s 4th graders walked to the Columban Fathers where they saw the many displays of the missionaries who dedicated their lives to those in many countries around the world. Fr. Tom Grennon visited them and answered their many questions. He allowed them to visit their upstairs chapel where they were treated to the voice of a tenor practicing songs like Ave Maria and the Our Father. It was another beautiful day in the neighborhood and everyone left school knowing a bit more about the history of their town and the priests who continue to give so much to their community. For more photos click here.

Flying High as We Say Good-Bye

ClassGift1This years’ 2016 graduating class from St. Mary’s gave two class gifts to the school. The first a St. Mary’s school flag which will proudly wave each day in front of the school with the school logo. ClassGift.2The second gift was a $50 donation to the Adopt A Student Endowment fund. That way the class of 2016 will help provide funding in perpetuity for students in need. The students raised the money for their gifts through selling t-shirts. This is the second year the graduating class has given gifts to the school.

Graduation Day - A Time to Reflect and Look Forward

2016ClasswithDipolomasCropGraduation: The big day. Students and families held graduation Sunday, May 22nd at the 5 P.M. Mass. Our 8th graders served in the liturgical roles, as did their family members as Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers and Altar Servers. This tradition highlights our church family, but also our individual families who fulfill the mission in God’s plan as “domestic church.” There were smiles and heartfelt tears as students were handed their diplomas and were now, graduates of St. Mary’s School. Ben Goetz, one of the speakers reflected back ten years ago when he started pre-school with this red haired boy. Today, Ben and Tony are receiving their diplomas and will continue to see each other as classmates at Mt. Michael. Congratulations to all 8th graders and best of luck as you continue to achieve your educational goals and dreams at High School. Special thanks to Home and School for hosting the Graduation reception as our final send off to these students as servant leaders in an ever-changing world. For more photos click here.

Visiting Santa’s Workshop in July!

Mlnarik1The Mlnarik family visit Santa's Workshop: A Christmas Themed Family Amusement Park in Cascade, Colorado and show their St. Mary’s Spirit. Mlnarik2Their photo is another entry in our summer photo contest.

Scholarships for 2016 Alumni

st marys alumniCongratulations to St. Mary’s graduating 8th grade class who received $7,000 in scholarships to continue their Catholic education. Eight of the seventeen students in the class will be attending Catholic High Schools, each received scholarships.

Jack Nam – Daniel J Gross and Middle School Scholarship - Daniel J Gross High School

Jaycee Billings - Dr. Charles and Mrs. Amy Longo Memorial Scholarship - Daniel J Gross High School

Anthony (Tony) Traggiai – Home and School Alumni Scholarship – Mount Michael

John Donahue – Knights of Columbus – Creighton Prep

Ben Goetz – Knights of Columbus – Mount Michael

Fernando Cox – Catholic Daughters of America – Creighton Prep

Aziz Gafurov – Catholic Daughters of America – Creighton Prep

Jaqueline Van Huffel - Catholic Daughters of America – Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart

The 8th Grade Banquet

Banquet11Following the Awards assembly as our long standing tradition has it, the Seventh Grade families hosted an elegant and whimsical banquet and dance where students enjoyed fellowship and our Catholic High School Scholarship recipients were named and special awards were presented. The theme of this year's banquet was A Night in Wonderland: Every Adventure Requires a First Step. As the students arrived, they walked down a red carpet lined with giant playing cards, pink flamingos and a croquet game area. It was the 8th graders last opportunity as a class to make lasting memories and they did. A heartfelt thanks to our 7th grade parents who hosted this memorable evening. We will have a story with a complete listing of awards. For more photos click here.

Last Honors at St Mary’s

Assembly1Dr. Wallinger and our teachers were proud to welcome family, staff and the honored 8th grade award recipients for the 8th Grade Awards Assembly on May 19th. For the 8th graders, this assembly signifies the conclusion of in some instances, the last ten years of hard work and dedication at St. Mary's Catholic School. It was a great day to celebrate their accomplishments and send them on their next journey: high school. From Highest Honors to Outstanding Physical Fitness Awards, it was great for the younger students and parents to see. For lots of photos click here.

“Where Are Our St Mary's families spending their Summer Break?” Photo Contest

JasonInNorthCarolinaThe first entry for the summer belongs to Jason. He and his family went to the outer banks of North Carolina. While there they attended a Tony award winning play, "The Lost Colony" about the lost colony of Roanoke. Jason is pictured in front of their open-air stage before the show started.

All you have to do to enter the contest is put on a Spirit Wear t-shirt and take a photo whether you are here in Bellevue or anywhere else. Just have someone take your photo and tell us where you are and what you’re doing. Each photo is an entry for a $25 Scrip card to Marcus Theaters. The drawing will be held at the Ice Cream Social. Photos will be posted on our facebook page and school website. Submission constitutes consent. Email all picture submissions to Cathy Braxton.

Speaking for the Trees

1stGradePlay4After watching the 5th graders perform a play and being invited to see the 3rd and 4th graders plays, the 1st graders were inspired and wanted to perform as well. Through our Scholastic News we had been learning about trees and how important they are. We decided to be like Dr. Seuss's the Lorax and speak for the trees. EndofYearPlay1The students worked in groups to decide on the characters, wrote their own lines and created their costumes as well as the set. And to truly speak for the trees, all the paper was from the scrap paper bin and recycle box! Our play, Trees Are Important, told of the many ways both animals and humans need trees and ended with a statement and question: We speak for the trees. Do you? For more photos click here.

A Tasty Science Experiment

SolarOvenSmoreClassHow to prove that the sun provides heat? That was the question that the first graders set out to explore one sunny day in May. The students helped to build a solar oven using a pizza box, aluminum foil, black paper and plastic wrap. We also needed a dowel to prop the lid at the correct angle so that the sun's rays would reflect and heat the oven. We waited for a sunny day and as soon as we had one we made s'mores! Did the oven get hot? Oh, yes! The marshmallows were nice and squishy and the chocolate was melted. Yum! A tasty science experiment proving that the sun does indeed produce heat.

A Favorite Field Trip Students Look Forward To Taking

PlatteRiver1St. Mary's 4th and 5th graders had an exciting opportunity to participate in the annual Outdoor Discovery Program at Platte River State Park in April. The annual event "provides hands-on programs so all youth have the opportunity to explore new outdoor activities and recreational possibilities and learn new outdoor skills. It is designed to enhance students' knowledge and ethical understanding of wildlife and the outdoors. Activities are designed to correlate with Nebraska educational standards in the areas of Science, Math, History, Reading and writing."

PlatteRiver3Along with several parent chaperones, Mrs. Menzel and Miss Jankovich and their students headed out of the school building amidst a smoky haze due to the Kansas fires. It was a beautiful day at Platte River State Park! The first activity for the 5th graders was shotgun shooting while archery was the first event for the 4th graders. Fun and excitement filled the air as many had never shot a gun nor had shot an arrow. However, other programs on their day's agenda didn't happen due to air quality concerns. Before departing from the state park, students and adults enjoyed their lunch while waiting for their bus driver who was out fishing at the park. Upon his arrival students were treated to his expertise on fishing lures, tackle, bait, etc. So even though the day's agenda changed the students were blessed with unexpected knowledge and insight into a stranger's hobby. God truly blessed the students through the beauty of the state park and through those individuals who gave them the opportunity to explore and learn. Next year's event can't come soon enough for the future 4th and 5th graders! For more photos click here.

The 5th Graders Share The Simple Pleasures In Life

5thGradePlay1The 5th graders presented a play entitled "The Baker's Neighbor" at the end of the year. They had a blast designing, constructing and painting their scenery and sets and coming up with their own costuming. After two weeks of hard work rehearsing they were so proud to perform for the Kindergarten through Fourth Grade students. We had four different casts - that way, more students could have experience with a major role, memorizing lines and acting. They loved it!5thGradePlay15 Since the theme of the play was about learning to enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer, and the Baker learned this from his neighbor; we thought it would be fun to offer each member of our audience a little baked treat after each performance. A sweet way to end this experience in Literature and Language Arts! BRAVO!

-Mrs. Menzel

Hard Work Pays Off

BryanPrewittSrPhto2016Bryan Prewitt a St. Mary’s alumnus, class of ‘12, received two scholarships that could pay his way through college. He received the David Distinguished scholarship worth up to $14,000 at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Prewitt graduated from Bellevue East, 18th in his class of 343 students, got a 30 on his ACT and had a 5.28 GPA out of a 5.0 scale. He also received the Collegebound scholarship, which will cover up to 15 credit hours per semester. Bryan plans to major in mechanical engineering at UNL. He is also going to try and walk on for track. This year Bryan was the anchor for his team in the 400-meter relay. His team went to state where they placed 9th.

Being Mindful Prepares 1st Graders for Life

Saints7 IsaacMind Up is a curriculum developed by the Hawn Foundation and published by Scholastic. The Mind Up program is based on the latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology and mindful awareness and is being taught right here at St. Mary’s in the first grade. The lessons at the primary level teach children about three main parts of the brain and their functions as well as what happens to the brain's ability to function when it is stressed. We learn how breathing can calm us when stressed and how our senses can help our brain to process information. Being aware and mindful helps us to remain calm and to reflect on a situation before deciding what to do. Ms. Gaspers taught her students how to be mindful of the world around them, for example, to use mindful seeing, listening, tasting and smelling. She taught students who were scared of fire drills to take 3 deep breaths while walking to the exit. One little girl sobbed every time the fire alarm sounded, but after a few lessons and practice sessions, she was able to calmly exit the room without tears and without needing anyone’s hand. The smile on her face and the confidence in her eyes showed how proud and empowered she felt. As students sat outside and looked and listened and soaked up the soothing elements of nature, they learned that no matter where they go they can take all these skills with them; each of us is one breath away from a calm center. There were so many little lessons that one-day would be realized in the every day.

During recess, Isaac Tweedy ran into another student and the student's head bumped Isaac's lip hard enough for Isaac's teeth to bite through his lip. Isaac said, "If I didn't have Mind Up I would have screamed and cried all day." His mom, Tina Tweedy says, “Throughout the school year, I loved hearing him talk about being "mindful" and watching him put that into practice.”

Ms. Gaspers says the Mind Up lessons were incorporated into the science and religion curriculum. Students used mindful seeing when making observations during science lessons. While breathing students imagined breathing in the peace of the Holy Spirit and while reading stories of Jesus noticed all the ways that Jesus modeled mindful behavior. The literature states that students are more optimistic, empathetic and compassionate. She says, “I agree and the bonus for a catholic school is that we are also able to tap into our rich spiritual heritage as well. Our classroom became a kinder, gentler community.”

What makes this even more powerful is that Ms. Gaspers just returned from a retreat with the Servite Sisters and the theme of the retreat was compassion. The presenters spoke a lot about awareness, the newest brain research and being mindful. It was amazing and affirming because it was the same brain research I was using in my classroom! Ms. Gaspers students are learning life’s lessons at an early age and are already incorporating those ideas into their lives. They are being prepared for life.

A Day The 4th Graders Will Never Forget – Re-Living History

Lincoln Trip3Many fourth graders from across the state make an annual trek to the state capital city of Lincoln. St. Mary's is no exception. It's a tradition started about twenty years ago by Mrs. Feagan who requested that the annual Lincoln trip be switched from the 8th grade to 4th since it fit in well with Nebraska History, which is studied each year by 4th graders. Sister Dorothy Rolf, principal years ago, agreed to the change and so every year the 4th graders look forward to this day long field trip.

St. Mary's invites St. Matthew's 4th graders, another tradition and blessing as students share their excitement, wonder and awe at the sites before them. It was Friday, April 15th, when many are rushing to the post office to turn in their tax forms, that the students boarded the bus shortly after 7 A.M. After picking up St. Matthews 4th graders, parents, teachers and students all settled down in their seats for the long drive on I-80.

First on the day's agenda was a stop at the newly renovated Nebraska State Historical Society Museum where docents explained early Native American culture and pioneer displays and artifacts were viewed. The hands on experience with Native American clothes and a tepee was a big hit!

Next stop was the state capitol building where a docent led everyone down the majestic halls explaining how it all came to be many years ago. Even though the Nebraska legislature was out on "recess" that day, state Senator Sue Crawford visited the group during their lunch. Students no longer have to bring sack lunches due to a wonderful, free program sponsored by the NE Soybean Board and the Ag Sack Lunch program directed by Karen Brokaw. Ag students from UNL accompany Karen Brokaw and they explain to the students how everything in their sack lunch comes from a Nebraska farmer. Each student even goes home with a deck of Ag playing cards to help them remember what they learned from the UNL Ag students.

Lincoln Trip5cropAfter lunch the students toured Morrill Hall and attended a program at the planetarium. After a few photo opportunities they boarded the bus and the sower on the top of the capitol grew smaller and smaller out the window as they departed Lincoln.

The final stop was the Holy Family Shrine near Gretna where Deacon Matt explained the history of the shrine both in the visitors center and in the shrine's chapel. Mrs. Wolf led everyone in a decade of the rosary and soon it was time to board the bus for the final miles of the field trip.

Arriving back at school about 5:30 P.M. to the welcoming arms of parents and souvenirs being handed out, students headed home for a hopefully restful weekend. It was a blessing to have arrived safely back home; a blessing to have parent chaperones and a blessing to have been given the opportunity to enhance their understanding of Nebraska History due to the generosity of the Home and School Association who provide funds for this annual field trip. For more photos click here.

St. Mary’s Students Say Good Bye

Last School Mass16The end-of-year St. Mary’s School Mass was bittersweet this time around.
Following a beautiful liturgy that included the teachers’ annual commissioning of their class to live, play and love as Jesus wants, the students and staff surprised Fr. Denny with a sung blessing and a gift. Last School Mass8Representatives of the first grade class presented a framed picture of their class dressed as saints. It was a tender moment as they gave their gift along with a hug. As Mass concluded, the student body sang especially well, which may have inspired Fr. Denny to return to the sanctuary and thank the students for their participation, their active faith life and their commitment to living as Christ wants each of us to live. As he spoke to the student body, he let them know how much he would miss them and how deeply he cared for them. When he mentioned that he would most likely be back to celebrate All Saints Day in November their response was an audible gasp of joy followed by spontaneous and enthusiastic applause. It was indeed a wonderful way to end the school year and let Fr. Denny know that he will remain in our hearts as he retires. For more photos click here.

Show Your St. Mary’s Spirit This Summer

SpiritWearContest1“Where Are Our St Mary's families spending their Summer Break?” Photo Contest. Over break as your family is out at various landmarks...maybe in other states, maybe in Bellevue...take your picture with your Spirit Shirt and submit it for a picture collage we are posting on the St. Mary's School facebook page. Each photo will be an entry for a drawing that will occur at the Ice Cream Social. There will be one winner of the drawing. Prize: $25 SCRIP card to Marcus Theaters. All pictures submitted will be posted on school webpage and school facebook page. Submission constitutes consent. Email all picture submissions to Cathy Braxton. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view email Cathy. Here is the Storch family donning their spirit wear on the Texas border from our last photo contest at Christmas.

Science Fair Fun

ScienceFair10As tradition has it the 6th graders had to make an invention that makes life easier in some way and 7th grade did an investigative experiment for the Science Fair. On May 20th they got to show everyone what they learned. ScienceFair1Science teacher, Jennifer Thompson says, “There were many great projects this year and the younger students enjoyed learning about what middle school students do for their projects.” Taryn Wharton took first place for the 6th grade with her Shirt Keeper- it keeps your uniform shirt tucked in, second place went to Jada Williams for her Everything Binder and there were two third place winners: Lauren Leighow for her programmable portable plant nursery and Gabby Sjostedt with her nail catcher under car to prevent flat tires. In 7th grade Isabella Medrano, Lucia Mansisidor and Rachel Schaffart took first place for their analysis measuring which battery brand lasted the longest, second place went to Nick Kouba, Dane Storch and Fredy Kadjo for their experiment on which liquid caused plants to grow the tallest, and Theodosia Mba and Anou Akot took third place. They baked cakes with different ingredients and measured the density of the cakes. For more photos click here.

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  31. St. Mary’s - Committed to Being a High Tech Leader in Education
  32. 2016 St Mary’s Serra Club Altar Server Award Winners
  33. First Holy Communion – Sharing Jesus for the First Time
  34. St. Mary’s Loves Our Teachers
  35. From the Principal’s Corner April 27, 2016
  36. Omaha Gives! Save the Date
  37. A Conversation With the Presidents
  38. Our Future Business Leaders
  39. Flower Fundraiser Coming Soon
  40. April Food Night Out
  41. Home and School Alumni Scholarship Applications Due
  42. Dr. Wallinger to Kiss a Pig!
  43. Going All The Way
  44. Wits Clash - Learning on Many Levels
  45. Award Winning Artists
  46. Congratulations Dr. Wallinger
  47. Congratulations and Prayers for One of Our Own
  48. Ryan and Christina Legner to Receive St. Mary’s School Special Recognition Award
  49. Walking the Path of Jesus
  50. St. Mary’s Alumnus Going to Teach Abroad
  51. Fun Filled “Benefit Auction” Weekend in Chicago for St. Mary’s Alumna
  52. Getting Creative
  53. St. Mary’s Chess Tournament
  54. La Ropa
  55. Devotion to the Rosary
  56. St. Mary’s March Madness Champions
  57. Science is More Than Book Learning
  58. 2016 Region 8 Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest Winners
  59. Easter Greetings From St. Mary’s Students
  60. Supporting Our Brothers and Sisters Around the World
  61. Dr. Seuss Week
  62. Preparation
  63. A Special Easter Gift
  64. CYO Championship Games
  65. Extended Day Fun!
  66. Chick-Fil-A Night Coming Up
  67. Omaha Concert - A World Premiere
  68. Our School Nurse a Real Blessing
  70. Full Tuition Paid
  71. Give Back to Schools
  72. In the Zone On and Off the Court
  73. Shopko Grant Supports our Science Program
  74. Hat Parade
  75. Alumni Scholarship Applications Now Online
  76. Saturday Science Class
  77. Soooeee! Mrs. Wallinger to Kiss a Pig
  78. Drops of Kindness are Rewarded
  79. Alumni Stewardship Fills a Need
  80. A Door Can Say So Much
  81. Culvers Night Out
  82. Special Awards for Scout Sunday
  83. St. Mary’s Got Talent
  84. A Big Spelling Test
  85. Prepping For High School
  86. I’m Melting….
  87. Preparing for State Competition
  88. Catholic Schools Week Fun
  89. A Great Season Start
  90. Middle School Awards
  91. A School Full of Talent
  92. The Light Bulb Lit
  93. Alumna Academic Honors
  94. Bakers a Real Plus
  95. 2016 Reading Raiser
  96. Russian Dancers Come to St. Mary's
  97. Make St. Mary’s School a “Superstar Catholic School” - Vote
  98. Kindergarten Round-Up
  99. Parent-to-Parent Information Night
  100. Catholic Schools Week Celebration
  101. Snow Packed Recess
  102. St. Mary’s Honors
  103. It’s a Jersey Mike’s Kind of Day
  104. Mission Imagination
  105. Alumni Academic Honors
  106. St. Mary’s Got Talent
  107. Loving Her Spiritual Journey
  108. Mission Prep
  109. Kelloggs and Scholastic Offer Free Books
  110. Rebekah Menzel Reflects on Her Beginnings
  111. Well Deserved Thanks
  112. “Where Are Our St Mary's Families Spending Their Christmas Break? "Photo Contest Winners!
  113. Prepared For and Loving High School
  114. The St. Mary’s Family is Growing
  115. A Christmas Send Off
  116. A Little Perk Benefits Those in Need
  117. Play Based Lessons –Gotta Love It!
  118. Advent and the Saints
  119. With Voices of Angels
  120. Cameras, Spirit Wear and Christmas!
  121. Russian Dancers Coming to St. Mary’s
  122. Make Your Night Out an Arby’s Night
  123. Many Hands Make Light Work
  124. Spreading Christmas Cheer
  125. Sharing Our Warmth
  126. St. Mary’s School Alumni and Former School Faculty and Staff “Home for the Holidays: Advent with Alumni” Event - December 20, 2015 12:30P.M. - 4P.M.
  127. A Summer to Remember
  128. An Advent Gift for Our Parishioners
  129. Alumni Academic Honors
  130. Love Our Bar B Que
  131. Oh What a Night!
  132. Warm Hands, Warm Hearts
  133. A Chance to Compete
  134. Black Friday – A Golden Opportunity
  135. The Saints Among Us
  136. Coke Rewards Add Up
  137. Treats for Everyone
  138. An Annual Veteran's Tribute
  139. Honoring Our Vets
  140. Make Your Night Out a Panera Night
  141. Volleyball Champions!
  142. Dia del Muerte - Day of the Dead
  143. In House Guidance Counselor – A Familiar Face
  144. Julia Gets a New Do
  145. Art and Music
  146. Artes Hispanico
  147. Halloween Fun!
  148. Book Fair – See What’s New
  149. Tournament Time
  150. Sharing Their Knowledge
  151. Building Molecules
  152. A Real History Lesson
  153. Squeals of Delight
  154. Mary is an Inspiration
  155. The People's Choice Again!
  156. Successful Baby Drive
  157. A Special Visit
  158. Make it a St. Mary’s Night Out
  159. Adult Computer Classes – A Hit at St. Mary’s
  160. What is That?
  161. Quality Buddy Time
  162. Floating to the Top
  163. Creating Crystals
  164. Individual Math Attention
  165. An Eatable Science Project Earns 100%
  166. An Exchange of Cultures
  167. St. Mary's School In the News
  168. Only a Classic Dog Will Do
  169. My Coke Rewards Pay Off
  170. Love Trivia? St. Mary’s School has the Answer!!!
  171. St. Mary’s Alumnus Earns All American Award
  172. Pro-Life Vigil Mass and Procession
  173. 6th Grade Class Sponsors Baby Drive
  174. Keeping Our Kids Safe
  175. A Naval Career Begins
  176. Technology Resources Website – Get a Jump Ahead
  177. Adopt A Student Looks to the Future
  178. Parents Learn Spanish Sing Along
  179. 8th grade Spanish First Day....
  180. St. Mary’s Alumnae Cheer on the Cougars
  181. Don’t Want to Miss a Party?
  182. New School Leaders Step Up
  183. Tyson Project A+ Book Giveaway
  184. Two Classmates Meet Again
  185. Back to School Means Food Night Begins Tomorrow Night
  186. Ice Cream Social Sweetens School Beginnings
  187. A to A Parade Honors
  188. Spirit of St. Mary’s at Arrows to Aerospace Parade
  189. Ice Cream Social
  190. Visiting National Parks Becomes a Family Tradition
  191. Show Your Spirit at the Arrows to Aerospace Parade
  192. Ready To Welcome Students
  193. 2015 Sarpy County People’s Choice Awards are Coming Up
  194. Let’s Make a Grandstand
  195. Back on the Court

St Mary's Information

St. Mary's Catholic School is a Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade School of the Archdiocese of Omaha. Our mission is to provide a Catholic education that nurtures students' hearts and minds to become servant leaders in an ever-changing world.

Our philosophy of education is to offer a five-day program to assist families in teaching those truths, skills, and ideals, which are necessary for Christian living. We believe that education must develop the faculties and abilities of the whole child: spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. To help achieve this, our faculty and staff are an integral part of the formation of Christian community and dedicate themselves to the task of developing Christian citizens.



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