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School News 2014-2015

Sprucing Up for the First Day

SchoolflwrsCan you believe it! School starts in less than 3 weeks. To get the school looking great for your children on day one Home and School has scheduled "Clean Up Day" this Saturday, August They are looking for volunteers to help clean up and paint starting at 8:00 A.M. The school is usually sparkling by noon. Volunteer parents and students needing service hours are all welcome. Remember many hands make light work. We are in need of stepladders. If you could bring one please let Karen Medrano know. Don't forget to sign up on SignUp Genius. Click on link here. Donuts and juice will be provided. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Becky Feagan’s Retirement Trip

Lassen Volcanic NP2After two weeks of cleaning out my things from the school attic and class, I finally finished, turned in my fob and school keys to Mrs. Castle, walked back into my class one last time and looked around at the blank walls and the desks piled up. It was time to say goodbye. With a few tears welling up I closed the door one last time saying goodbye to my "school home". It was a sad moment but within three hours my husband and I were on our retirement trip to the west coast. And what a trip we had—first traveling to northwest Montana to see my brother. We arrived there Tuesday night, June 9th, and the very next day the three of us went to Glacier National Park. It was neither my first visit nor my last. It was wonderful to dip my toes into its icy waters and gaze upon its majestic mountains. But even more exciting was the helicopter tour over Glacier National Park the next day. We had never done such an adventure before but since we were on a new adventure in our lives, we decided to experience Glacier from above. Amazing!!

We continued our retirement journey through Idaho, Washington and the Columbia River Gorge stopping to see Mt. Hood from a distance as well as two high school classmates that we hadn't seen in many, many years! As we traveled down the river gorge I reflected on the journey of Lewis and Clark. I had been out this way about twelve years ago with a Peru State College class- celebrating the bicentennial commemoration of their historic journey. I envisioned them canoeing and hollering "Ocean in view!" as they saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time. Seeing it again I too hollered out "Ocean in View" and marveled at the estuary located at historic Astoria, Oregon which we visited for two days/nights. We heard sea lions from our hotel room and also heard about how Astoria [pop.10,000] had just celebrated the 30th anniversary of the movie "Goonies". We could not imagine 12,000 visitors coming there the weekend before our arrival. We crossed their 4.1 mile bridge across the estuary, traveling into Washington to see the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse named for the disappointment felt by the Lewis and Clark expedition upon not finding a ship at the coast.

Redwoods1Before leaving the area we visited Ft. Clatsop NHM, a replica of the Lewis and Clark quarters that they built after arriving at the Pacific Ocean. We visited a windy beach before heading down Hwy 101 along Oregon's beautiful coastline. Crater Lake was our next destination and what a magnificent site to behold! The majestic lake created from a volcano that imploded was an unreal blue just like the photos in books and postcards! We traveled back towards the coast where Mr. Feagan allowed me to get out at a state park in order to climb a sand dune that was more difficult than I first thought. I guess I'm not as young as I used to be but I made it to the top! I have always been adventurous and though he wished I wouldn't, I did hike by myself to see Oregon's third tallest waterfall. It wasn't like hiking at Philmont, New Mexico and there were other tourists a ways behind me as I hiked up to stand right beside it! In thirty minutes I was back!

I had never been to California so I was excited, thinking it would be hot and sunny. I was surprised to find the northwest coastline to be chilly. We walked through our first grove of Redwoods shortly after crossing the border. I gazed up at these magnificent trees wondering what they could tell us about all the history they had lived. They were the highlight of our two week journey. We also visited Lassen Volcanic National Park before heading to I-80 for our long trip home. As we crossed the Great Basin I saw a highway sign for its national park not realizing it was a national park. That's on my list for next time along with Yosemite, Sequoia, Death Valley, etc.

For photos of the trip click here.

Where did you go this summer?? Share your adventures and experiences!! Send the adventures from your child's perspective to Jackie Ortega.

Three Generations of Service to St. Mary’s

ThreeGenerations cropRose and Ed Wessling were very early members of St. Mary's. Their legacy includes 5 children, all of whom graduated from St. Mary's school. Their oldest son, Floyd Wessling became a priest and served the Omaha and Eastern Nebraska Diocese. Rose Wessling built quite a legacy, starting Perpetual Adoration at the church and serving in countless ways. Rose was instrumental in starting our school at St. Mary's. Her legacy was not lost on her son, Ken who was active in various church organizations including Prayer Group, Eucharistic Minister, Usher and Lector at the church. He has been an adorer for over 50 years. Ken's wife of over 50 years, Carol was also active in the school and church community. Her amazing voice and guitar were regulars leading the 11:00am mass every Sunday. She was active in Steven's Ministry, a Eucharistic Minister and a regular volunteer at school. Their legacy continued with their 7 children, all graduates of St. Mary's school. Rick, Steve, Tim, Cindy, Susie, Wendy and Willie all lead active lives in the school and at church. Now we can see service budding in the next generation, with Johnny Donahue (8th grade), Lindsay Wessling (6th grade), Daniel Wessling (3rd grade), and Matthew Wessling(1st grade) all currently attending St. Mary's school. We look forward to what contributions can be made from future Wesslings to the St. Mary's community. Grandma Rose would be proud.

Tyson Project A+

Tyson copyExciting News! Our school is participating in the Tyson Project A+ program. Help support St. Mary's School by colleting Tyson Project A+ labels from more than 40 Tyson products. Look on the bags and boxes for the Tyson Project A+ label or where it says, "Support your school" clip out the coupon, collect them and turn them in to St. Mary's School or drop them off at church. Each coupon is worth 24 cents. That money adds up quickly so please don't forget to cut the labels out and ask all your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to do the same. Tyson Foods will send the school a check and that money can be used wherever it's needed. Best thing of all, it doesn't cost you a penny since you'd be eating those products anyway. Your children love them and we appreciate your helping our kids at school.

A Gesture Well Beyond Her Age

KatCut9Katharina Storch was barely out of the 3rd grade this summer when she went to the hairdresser. Sounds like what any young girl would do, except this visit wasn't a typical visit. Katharina was going to have 10 inches of her own hair cut off so that someone else who needed it could have it, someone she doesn't even know. Her Mom, said, "I am so proud of Katharina!!! She has always loved her long hair, but she decided to donate it today! She talked all about how some other girl will really enjoy her hair, and how excited she is to give to someone else. So proud it brought tears to my eyes!" When she starts 4th grade in little more than a month, Katharina will be sporting a new do. It really shows off her smile. You can bet some other girl will be wearing a smile, thankful for the hair that went to make a much needed wig, thanks to a young girl who's thoughts this summer were for someone else. For more photos click here.

A Teacher’s Love Passed On

MtRushmore1Mrs. Feagan's love of the outdoors and National Parks is shared by two of her former students. It all began in her 4th grade class for Nicholas and Joseph Kouba who like everyone else studied a National Park, gave a presentation, and then Mrs. Feagan had a National Park Ranger come and talk to the class. Since then the summers for the Kouba boys and their family has been spent visiting National Parks. The summer of 2014 they visited six National Parks. This summer Nicholas and Joseph became Junior Park Rangers. The family spent a week in South Dakota exploring the caves and other historical sites. The boys received 5 Junior Ranger badges. The first badge came from Wind Cave, the first National Park to preserve a cave. The second badge came from the Badlands National Park. While on their way to a Minute Man missile silo, where the Air Force had nuclear missiles ready to launch during the cold war, Joseph said to his Mom, Kellie "if the National Park service runs this, we can get another junior ranger badge". It is a National Historical Site and they were able to get their third badge. Their next stop was Mt. Rushmore, a National Memorial, where they earned badge number four. MtRushmore2 Junior RangerThe last stop on their adventure was Jewel Cave, where the sign had the National Park symbol on it. Joseph said, "YES! we can get a junior ranger badge here." Jewel Cave is the only Cave that is considered a National Monument and was given that designation by President Theodore Roosevelt. After they received all 5 badges Joseph was looking at his and said "We got 4 different types of badges". They'd been to two National Parks, a National Monument, a National Historic Site and a National Memorial. While in South Dakota they also visited the National Presidential Wax museum. The boys were very excited to see the Presidents they portrayed in their own Wax Museum while in 4th Grade at St. Mary's. Looking back on the summer, Kellie said: "What a special teacher Mrs. Feagan is that she could get her students to love the outdoors, history and National Parks as much as she does, she is truly irreplaceable."  For more photos click here.

Saving Lives by Leading

BloodDrive1Former St. Mary's student and parishioner Terese Navarra led a very successful effort for St. Mary's Catholic Church and the American Red Cross Blood Drive June 20th. Terese scheduled parishioners' weeks in advance to donate and on the day, encouraged 5 people who had never donated. On past drives St. Mary's averaged 20 units. Terese almost doubled that with 39 people coming to donate and 35 units donated. Eight walk-ins really helped her exceed her goal of 10. In late August she will find out if she received a scholarship for her efforts. Terese is in the St. Mary's Health Ministry, volunteers at Midlands, Mable Rose, Hillcrest Health and Rehab and is on the marketing committee for Alzheimer's Walk Sarpy County. You will find her playing the bass guitar with her band, Just Sayin' before the movie Cinderella at Sumter Amphitheater August 21st in Papillion in support of Alzheimer's night. For more photos click here.

Registration Day is Here

Looking forward to seeing everyone again? Today's the day to get ready for the next school year! Registration Day is here from 1:00-6:00P.M in the school gym! This is a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and make some new ones as you pick out your children's uniforms to start the new school year (there's a great selection to choose from), look and see the great opportunities to volunteer and meet the people representing many of the organizations that are available for you and your children. Taking care of tuition has gotten a little easier too! You can meet with Kathy Goetz, the school financial administrator, or you can schedule a 30-minute block with her. No wait, no hassle if you don't want to. There will be a sheet for you to sign up to take care of tuition.

A Servant's Heart

StFrancisStatueThe Class of 2015's last act together was to donate an outdoor statue of St. Francis of Assisi to St. Mary's School. His Peace Prayer is something they and all of the other classes said every school day this past year, it was recited at Home and School Meetings, and it's been in our Alumni the St. Francis statue has deep meaning. St. Mary's School is going for a "niche" recognition as an Environmental School and this statue will be somewhere on our grounds where some of the environmental education takes place. St. Francis, the patron saint of animals and the environment has to be smiling knowing that the class of 2015 shares his servant's heart. For a photo of the 2015 class and the statue click here.

Operation Backpack

Operation Backpack 2015 flyercropPreparing military kids for back to school! Free backpacks and school supplies are available for students of military families E5 and below in grades K through 6. Supplies are limited, so register as soon as possible. Call 402-294-4329 NOW! Pick up your supplies Wednesday, July 29 from 4 - 7 P.M. at the Offutt Youth Center. For more details click here to read the flyer.

Exciting Changes in Registration

No waiting in line to take care of finances. That can be done another day, starting now. SchoolflwrsRegistration Day, July 13th is an opportunity to meet up with old friends and make some new ones as you pick out your children's uniforms to start the new year, (how much have they grown since the end of school?) look and see the great opportunities to volunteer and meet the people representing many of the organizations that are available for you and your children. Taking care of tuition has gotten a little easier. Plan around your vacation. Schedule a time with Kathy Goetz, the school financial administrator to take care of the details and learn about how you can help the school in 30 minutes on your own time. No wait, no hassle. Call 402-291-1694 ext. 334 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a time Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from 8:30 – 3:30. Mrs. Goetz will also work with you if those times don't work for you.

Alumni Academic Honors

Four alumnae at Mercy High School received academic honors for the 4th quarter of the 2014-2015 school year. Allayna Bash, Marlene Djidjoho, Lauren Traggiai, and Veronica Traggiai received First Honors. At Gross Catholic High School 7 alumni were on the Honor Roll. These students earned a 3.25 GPA or greater for this period. They include: Maxwell Leroy, Kellee Halliburton, Maya Lewis, Danielle Cork, Jason Kreps, Sarah Janda, and Patrick Mruz. Congratulations on your academic success. From Creighton Prep, Ben Reckmeyer received First Honors and Diego Cox received Second Honors.

May the Box Tops Be With You

StarWarsSweepsBox Tops is sponsoring another Sweepstakes this summer and it's a great opportunity for St. Mary's school. Two schools will win 7,500 box tops, that's $750. Enter daily, to help St. Mary's chances of winning the "May the Box Tops Be With You" Sweepstakes. The contest runs through July 19. You must be a U.S. citizen and over 18 to enter. Ask your family and friends to help support St. Mary's School by entering too! No purchases needed to enter, just a minute of your time each day. Click here to enter.

Showing Our Hospitality

TrishWelcome4 cropOur new school principal, Trish Wallinger was welcomed by many of the school families June 14th on Hospitality Sunday. The turnout was tremendous. The children and their parents welcomed the opportunity to meet and greet Mrs. Wallinger before registration or school starts. Mrs. Wallinger was given a card and a St. Mary's t-shirt as part of her welcome. We all look forward to getting to know Mrs. Wallinger better with the coming of the next school year. For more photos click here.

Explosive Opportunities

SMFireworksStandThe St. Mary's Fireworks Stand opens June 25th and there are still plenty of spots available for fireworks sellers. It's a fun way to get your volunteer hours in early for the 2015-2016 school year and help the school with one of the biggest fundraisers of the year! Click here to go to Sign Up Genius and find out what slots are still available and what fits your schedule. The fireworks stand is located at 28th and Capehart Road. If you have any questions please contact Jennifer Kreps (402-881-2576/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). And remember, all parishioners and friends of St. Mary's get a discount on fireworks.  All you have to do is say it at check out.

Teaching the Teachers

TeachingTheTeachers1Can you believe it? St. Mary's teachers wanted an end of the year fun get together! Well, they got it and you'll never guess with whom. One of their former students, Kaitlyn Embury, daughter of one of them, does party's and they all decided it was time to come and PARTY with KT Artistry!!! Kaitlyn says:

"It was such a blast! They brought food and we just painted the night away :) It was so funny to think about afterwards because I was teaching my teachers! Crazy huh? Lol I missed them, so this was a fun way to reconnect and see them get excited about something I am so passionate about. It's been a year now that I've been teaching art classes and now I can understand why my mom loves teaching so much. I'm just blessed I get to do what I love everyday :) If people are interested they just contact me and we can come up with a painting that will fit their style and house. Next step, time to party!!!"

Kaitlyn does painting party's for ANY AGE!!

For more photos click here.

Adopt A Student –Answering the Call

The Adopt A Student Program helps fund students tuition to go to St. Mary's School. Twenty percent of the students who went to school here this last year needed that financial assistance. After a recent alumni newsletter two alumni responded by sending in their donations to help these families. This year we have raised $12,175 to the Annual program and $597 to the Adopt A Student Endowment fund. If you would like to make a donation you can do so through June 30th. Let us know whether you would like to make a donation to this year or put funds in the endowment that makes much smaller perpetual donations.

A Blooming Success

FlowercardSt. Mary's Home and School and Stoltenberg Nurseries 1st annual Mother's Day Flower Fundraiser has everyone smiling. Stoltenberg Nurseries just wrote St. Mary's Home and School a check for $1,205.97, or 15 percent of their sales. Thank you to everyone who helped support our school by filling all of your garden needs at Stoltenberg Nurseries. What was initially to be a 2-day fundraiser extended through May 31st at their nursery. Please keep this in mind for next year.

Scholarships to Catholic High Schools for 2015-2016 !

Three of our 8th grade girls were awarded scholarships from the Catholic High Schools they will be attending next year 2015-2016: Cate Lillion and Ellie Foral were awarded scholarships to Duchesne Academy and Katie Goetz to Daniel J. Gross High School. Katie was awarded the Cougar Family Leadership Scholarship. The value of Katie's award is $1,000 and renewable for $500 per year for a total amount of $2,500. The awarding of this scholarship is based on grades and entrance exam results. For photos click here.

A New Way of Learning

Chrome Books2St. Mary's School is taking a big step forward. One hundred and twenty Chrome books were just delivered and are being set up to start the new school year.

The computers are envisioned for classroom-blended learning. Blended learning is a formal education program in which a student learns partly via computer-based systems focused at a level and pace that is custom for each student.

The Chrome-books were this year's fill a need portion of the Benefit Auction. Through very generous donors we were able to raise the $28,640 needed to buy the computers plus the one-time license fee per device. The carts were $4,160, which Home and School voted separately on. Total cost was around $32,800. For photos click here.

Welcome St. Mary’s New Principal

StMarysLogo 1890x1158St. Mary's welcomes our new school principal, Trish Wallinger Sunday, June 14th. Come on down to the Parish Center for Hospitality Sunday to meet and greet her after the 9:30 Mass. If going to the 11:00 Mass come a little early. Trish will assume her responsibilities as principal June 15th.

Trish believes a Catholic education provides the opportunity for students to grow in their relationship with God, while giving them the academic and social tools to become Christ's disciples in our rapidly changing world.

She and her husband were married at St. Mary's over 30 years ago. They have two grown daughters, Katie and Emily. Both girls attended Catholic Schools from Pre-K through high school. The Wallingers live in Bellevue.

Trish is currently finishing a Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from the College of Saint Mary. She received her Bachelor of Science in Education and Master of Science in Educational Administration degrees from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She has 30 years of experience in the Omaha Archdiocese as a teacher and administrator and has dedicated her career to Catholic education.

Omaha Gives! a Successful Drive

OG1cropSixty-nine donors donated $3,580 to St. Mary's School through the Omaha Gives! drive. This was our first attempt to raise funds for our school through Omaha Gives!, a one-day fundraiser for non-profits in Omaha. Thank you for your generous outpouring of support. We had a great turnout at our Omaha Gives! - End of School Year Party where we enjoyed great hot dogs and desserts, conversation, and the kids had a wonderful time playing games with their friends both inside and outside.
We look forward to another great event next year and will let you know when Omaha Gives! sets the date for 2016 so you can Save the Date for Omaha Gives! We'll have the final numbers in July with Matching Donations and our part of the Omaha Gives Bonus Dollars!!! For more photos click here.

Living Bellevue’s History on Foot

WalkingTour10WOcropEvery year, at the end of the year, St. Mary's and St. Matthew's 4th graders walk to the historical sites of Bellevue. That happened again this year on May 19th. Students along with a few parents and teachers first walked to the old bank/courthouse on East Mission Street then over to the log cabin, the old Presbyterian Church and the Bellevue Cemetery where they prayed over the grave of an unknown immigrant child. After visiting Big Elk's grave and others of historical significance to Bellevue, they walked to Swine Dining where Mr. Feagan treated everyone to lunch in honor of his wife's retirement. After lunch they all walked back up Mission Street to the Columban Fathers where Frans Lang met them. She discussed the history of the Columban Fathers and then let them tour the many artifacts on display before taking them to the chapel where students saw the many individual altars where priests can offer daily Mass. Once back at school, the students had recess, which included pulling Mrs. Feagan on their newly acquired Mormon like handcart! For more photos click here.

Summer Fun!

MrsSchuttKaitlynStopping by at the Omaha Summer Arts Festival to buy a print from Kaitlyn Embury. Had my daughter snap a picture of me buying a print from my former student. She is so talented.   Mrs. Schutt, St. Mary's Art Teacher


Pioneer for a Day

PioneerDay4cropAfter studying Nebraska History St. Mary's 4th graders live it by enjoying "Pioneer Day". Each student had already claimed their 160 acres under the Homestead Act of 1862 and after five years [five days] completed their "proving up" form by finding other homesteaders who could be witness to their homestead life and land improvements. Then each student researched a famous Nebraskan and reported on and portrayed that person for Pioneer Day. Famous Nebraskans this year ranged from Buffalo Bill Cody, Peter Sarpy, Evelyn Sharp, Standing Bear, Big Elk, Evelyn Vestey to Johnny Carson to name just a few. The students enjoyed pioneer chore relay races like washing clothes with a washboard and homemade soap, hammering a piece of wooden fence, picking up fresh eggs and corn cobs [used for fuel], cutting sod with a sod cutter and hoeing and planting seeds which took place in the gym due to rain! Rain didn't spoil their fun nor did it spoil their pioneer lunches. The pioneers weren't keen on washing their hands using cold water, a pitcher and basin and homemade soap but hands did get washed and water was ladled into small tin cups for drinking before sitting on quilts spread across the classroom floor. Recess included playing with pioneer toys like buzz saws, Jacob's ladders and ball and cup toys before pulling classmates and Mrs. Menzel in the Mormon handcart! Prior to the afternoon awards ceremony St. Mary's pioneers returned to their uniforms with memories of the good ole days tucked firmly into their minds and hearts. For photos click here.

Giving of Yourself

KatieHairGiftMany people offer donations of time, talent and treasure to many organizations or people. Some people check the box on their driver's license to be an organ and tissue donor. Some people make the simple donation of blood to the Red Cross during their blood drives. But have you ever considered donating your hair?

On May 30th, recent St. Mary's School graduate, Katie Goetz did just that. She donated 10 inches of her hair to the Children with Hair Loss organization which is a non-profit organization that provides wigs at no cost to children struggling with Cancer, Alopecia and other diseases that cause hair loss.

Through encouragement from her mother, Kelly, who is an oncology nurse and has seen the devastating effects of baldness to Cancer patients, Katie felt the need to help these people by donating her hair.

"My parents told me stories about other people donating hair in memory of their family members and friends that have died from Cancer," according to Katie. "I have considered doing this over the last few months. My mother encouraged me to get a haircut after the school year finished, so I decided to try something new for high school. When we got to the salon, they asked if I was going to donate. They showed me a list of places we could send my hair to, and I thought it was an easy way to give back."

Katie encourages others to do this to help kids that cannot grow their own. For more photos click here.

An Act of Love

Jesus asks us to clothe the naked, to feed the hungry. You have answered another call. To help send children to St. Mary's School to get a Catholic Education who couldn't afford to come here. This year 20% of our students required the financial assistance that the Adopt A Student (AAS) program provides. This year donations at the end of April are at $12,452 including the endowment with $11,855 to AAS. Those numbers are up from $9,850 including the endowment with $8,175 to AAS the same time last year. Thank you to our very generous benefactors. The fiscal year ends June 30th if you would still like to make donations. Mother Theresa says, It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

Early Bird Registration

SchoolflwrsEarly Bird Registration for Pre-K through 8th grade at St. Mary's School runs through June 17th. Call the office at 402-291-1694 to make an appointment with Mrs. Goetz. Office hours are 8 A.M. - 12 P.M. Otherwise registration day is July 13 from 1 -6 P.M.

2015 Graduates of St. Mary’s

Twenty-three students received their 8th Grade diplomas from St. Mary's School. Many of the students have been students here since Pre-K, that's 10 years. Both Therese Ruff and Cate Lillion who gave their commencement speeches said this class was like family. Now they will go their separate ways for high school. Fourteen of the 23 students will go on to Catholic High Schools. One to Creighton Prep, two girls to Duschene, five girls to Gross Catholic and six girls to Mercy High School. Congratulations and Good Luck as you begin your next chapter in life. For a photo click here. If you have graduation photos please send them to Mrs. Castle so we can post them on the school website for memories.

Fun and Farewell

AlumniShirt2015The 8th grade banquet is something special. It's the last time the 8th graders meet as a class before graduation. Tradition has it the class dresses up, is treated to a banquet that the 7th graders have prepared and they reminisce about their time at St. Mary's and look forward to their future. Christina Legner, the Alumni chair gives each student an alumni t-shirt as she welcomes the schools newest alumni. The 8th graders also receive scholarships. This year scholarships were awarded to:

Catholic Daughters –
Therese Ruff, Lia Rose Reckmeyer, Sena Djidjoho, Mary Jane DuGuay

Knights of Columbus –
Ethan Yale, Addey Connealy, Cate Lillion

Dr. Charles and Amy Longo Memorial Scholarship-
Maureen Goetz, Macey McGargill, Katie Goetz, Jamie Legner, Callie Billings,
Maggie Hetzel, and Madison Kimsey

The $1,000 Home and School Scholarship went to Ethan Yale who will be attending Creighton Prep in the fall.

For more photos click here.

Look Into Their Eyes

CowEye1cropBefore school ended the 7th grade class dissected cow's eyes. At this point in the photo they were trying to cut the fat away, which they said, "looked like worms" and was very tough to cut. The students were able to take a close up look at the parts of the cow's eye that they had studied in class. For more photos click here.

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  113. Gobble Gobble Giveaway
  114. An Unexpected Gift
  115. Back to Nature
  116. The Saints Among Us
  117. The Winners - Our Furry Friends
  118. Kindergarten and First Graders Get to See an Ofrenda!
  119. The Animals of St. Francis
  120. Monarch Miracle
  121. A Greater Need Than Ever
  122. Missionaries Spring Up
  123. A Cultural Visit at El Museo Latino
  124. Dreams Can Come True
  125. Primary Care
  126. You Can Still Order!
  127. Preparing for Halloween
  128. Each of Us is a Masterpiece of God's Creation
  129. Wits Clash Winners
  130. Book Writing Craze Hits First Grade
  131. Humane Society Drive
  132. Arby's Night Out
  133. Pig Races
  134. River City Roundup
  135. Weather Matters
  136. Skate Night
  137. Remembering 9-11
  138. Helping Our Brothers and Sisters
  139. No Computer, You Can Still Help Us Win a Smartboard
  140. Drop Everything and Read
  141. Meeting An Author
  142. An Exploratory Tour
  143. Get Ready to Have Fun!
  144. Teachers Have Wishes Too!
  145. Ready for a Night Out?
  146. Sharing in the Festival
  147. Artful Fun!
  148. Win a Smartboard for St. Mary’s
  149. Guess Who I Caught Reading?
  150. A Children’s Author to Visit St. Mary’s
  151. Priests Make Our Day
  152. Class Shirts Generate Spirit
  153. Check Us Out!
  154. Another Successful Year
  155. August Rush Volunteers Still Needed
  156. A Family Festival
  157. A Great Day for a Parade
  158. Greet Your Child at Lunch
  159. Endowment Development Looks to the Future
  160. Father Rides the Slide
  161. Show Your Spirit at the Arrows to Aerospace Parade
  162. Summer Volleyball Training
  163. A Fabulous Showing at the Ice Cream Social
  164. Let the School Year Begin
  165. Down in the Weeds
  166. Recycling Pays Dividends
  167. The Culture Project

St Mary's Information

St. Mary's Catholic School is a Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade School of the Archdiocese of Omaha. Our mission is to provide a Catholic education that nurtures students' hearts and minds to become servant leaders in an ever-changing world.

Our philosophy of education is to offer a five-day program to assist families in teaching those truths, skills, and ideals, which are necessary for Christian living. We believe that education must develop the faculties and abilities of the whole child: spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. To help achieve this, our faculty and staff are an integral part of the formation of Christian community and dedicate themselves to the task of developing Christian citizens.



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