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School News 2013-2014

A Fun Day at School - Pioneer Day!

Pioneer_Day_1cropBefore the end of school our Nebraska pioneers enjoyed a unique experience. It all started when the 4th grade class dressed up in traditional pioneer clothing and "proved up" on their Homestead Act land claims. The pioneers had to fill out the "proving up" form and find two witnesses that would testify that they lived on their claim for 5 years and did indeed improve their land given to them by the Homestead Act. Then we did some "Math Olympics" which consisted of oral math questions. It seemed fitting since most one-room schoolhouses long ago didn't have many books nor paper and pencils. In the first round the students had to answer a one step math problem in 5 seconds; round 2 required an answer for a 2-step problem in 10 seconds and round three was group work to solve story problems. Thanks to Mrs. Lucia who helped set up our pioneer lunch out on the front lawn. Students washed up the old fashion way with homemade goat milk soap and a pitcher of water and a basin. Then it was time to sit on quilts and eat the pioneer style lunch they brought with no modern day wrappings. Thanks to Mrs. Swank and Mrs. Leighow for the delicious cornbread. The pioneers shook a jar of whipping cream to make their butter for the cornbread. Recess was a pioneer recess with pioneer toys and games: a top, Jacob's ladder, ball & cup toys and beanbag toss. Then we experienced pioneer chores -relay style, students collected real eggs, cut sod with a sod cutter, mended fences, mixed batter, and washed clothes with a tub and washboard. Toward the end of the outing pirates showed up and captured Mrs. Feagan. Her class didn't let her down. They answered a pirate riddle and "freed" her! Our pioneers were pretty hot and tired by late afternoon when they came in to cool air conditioning and cold-water fountains. Even Jeongbin, our Korean exchange student said she was glad she wasn't a pioneer! After a short rest they listened to pioneer reports to try and discover whom everybody was portraying and why that person was famous in Nebraska's history. The pioneers brought home their wagons realizing that today's transportation and conveniences are a true blessing! It's fun to experience another time; the 4th graders do it every year. It makes you realize how difficult things were for the pioneers and appreciate what we have today. For more photos click here.

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