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School News 2013-2014

School Registration –You’ve Got Time

WalkingTour1It's not too late. If you're still considering where to send your children or grandchildren to school for a quality academic education where students work hard, respect others, and practice their Christian faith through service and kindness look no farther than St. Mary's School. Pick up a brochure at each of the church exits, a $250 coupon for new or recruiting families (there's one on the Homepage), make a call and take a tour. You'll be glad you did.

Target Your Shopping

TakeChargeofEducationAs you go shopping for school supplies, and clothes consider Target. If you use your Red Card, credit or debit you get 5% off your bill and 2.1% of your purchase could be credited to St. Mary's School. That is, if you have designated St. Mary's as your school of choice. Once a year Target sends a check to St. Mary's based on Red Card sales.

Here are donations to St. Mary's School listed on Target's website:

The most recent Target donation to this school (August 2013): $693.61

Total of all Target donations to this school through August 2013: $5,575.76

Amount accumulated toward the next Target donation: *$572.15 as of 7/30/2014

Number of REDcard holders who have designated this school: 38

Target has also generously donated to our school through Grants:

2011 - $700 towards a class field Trip

2012 - $300 towards Gift Cards for the Teachers

2013 - $600 towards a class field Trip

2014 - $2,000 towards having an Author come to the Library

Thanks to all of you who support St. Mary's School in so many different ways. It all adds up.

Library Volunteers Get Wet

The Bellevue Public Library knows how to treat its summer help. As a thank you they threw a Pool Party. Library_VolunteersThirteen students from St. Mary's School volunteered at the Library during the summer. Baylin Davis, Fredy Kadjo, Anou Akot, Nick Kouba, Gabe Tweedy, Dane Storch, Joe Seaman, Ashley Bishop, Akojang Mamer, Lia Rose Reckmeyer, Therese Ruff, Cate Lillion, Annika Sjostedt put in almost 190 hours. (Not everyone is in the photo) Thanks for a great summer experience at the Library and a great time in the water.

Moving Ahead

BenPetrBen Petr, a 2006 St. Mary's alumni graduated from Marquette University a semester early, with two majors, Economics and Supply Chain Management, and a minor in Political Science. Ben joined Blain's Farm and Fleet as a management trainee with sights on going into corporate within two years. Ben says, "I am still living in Milwaukee and am active in my new job, and rising quickly. I always thank my time at St Mary's for giving me the drive and determination to be as successful as I have been. I still also keep in touch with many of my St. Mary's friends and created bonds that have lasted a lifetime."

Awesome Show of Support

Install_2St. Mary's parents met early Saturday and erected the new playground...what an awesome show of community! Thanks go out to all the families! All of the playground elements were assembled, installed and leveled. Tomorrow, the final alignment and pouring of the concrete ground posts will occur. The next step will be to complete the concrete slab. Then the rubber foam surface will be laid. All in time for school.

One Last Summer Fling

heartland-family-festival-75-1Bring the family, some blankets and get ready for a night of fun Saturday, August 2nd at The Heartland Family Festival. This Catholic family event is sponsored by the Archdiocese of Omaha. Claim your spot on Creighton's Morrison Stadium turf and enjoy the antics of comedian Johnni W, music of Mike Mangione and the Union, crafts, games, and refreshments. Doors open at 3 PM and headliners begin at 5 PM. The night will end with a fireworks tribute to our military families sponsored by Bellino Fireworks, and a special musical salute from Collin Raye. Adult Tickets are $25. Children under 18 are free with paid parent. Ticket locations online at or call 402-557-5610 for information.

Alumni Academic Honors

Eight alumni at Gross Catholic High School received academic honors for the 4th quarter of the 2013-2014 school year. gross_orgcropThe students earned a 3.25 GPA or higher. Maya Lewis, 9th grade, Viveca Power, 9th grade, Danielle Cork, 10th grade, Jason Kreps, 10th grade, Mikaela Schmitz, 10th grade, Louis Foral, 11th grade, Sarah Janda 11th grade and Patrick Mruz 11th grade.

More Blessings Come Our Way

Five document cameras will be added to the classrooms this fall. The $5 Drive held earlier this year was very successful bringing in $1,804 and a Shopko grant provided an additional $500 for technology improvements. Thank you everyone for your support. Three hundred dollars of the total amount donated will go toward more technology. We would also like to thank the Omaha Community Foundation for sponsoring the second annual "Omaha Gives" and Seven Citadels Consulting LLC for their very generous $750 donation that will be used for teacher's supplies.

Strong and Smart Volunteers Needed

The new school playground equipment has arrived and is ready to be installed!! If you or anyone you know has any type of construction and or building knowledge or backNew_Playground1ground then this would be a great opportunity to help out the school and kids! Many volunteers are needed to accomplish this huge project. The assembly begins Saturday, July 26th at 8 A.M. We will work on the project until the installation is complete or it gets dark. Home and School will provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner (if needed) while the equipment is being put together. Please contact Karen Medrano directly at marsmed(at) if you can volunteer for part or all day or if you have questions regarding this project. Everyone is welcome to come out and volunteer, but please be aware that a lot of muscle will be needed for this huge undertaking! What a thrill for the students as they begin a new year at St. Mary's School with a brand new playground.

Becky Feagan Wins Nebraska's Top Geography Education Award

AllGeogWinnersBecky Feagan our 4th grade teacher won the "Gildersleeve-Stoddard-Stone Geography Education" award, an honor presented annually by the Geographic Educators of Nebraska. The award recognizes one teacher from each of the 3 Congressional Districts for their efforts and accomplishments in improving geography education in Nebraska.

This is a synopsis of the award submittal for Mrs. Feagan from Cheryl Shanker. Becky has been teaching for more than twenty years, all of them in fourth grade. She has brought history to life for these students in many ways. Becky prepares all of her units with the idea of interaction with the students. She gives them tasks to do to re-enact the various periods of history. She supplies all of them with costumes and props/artifacts to make the experiences more life-like. Students earn pretend "money" throughout the year to pay for their immigration passage to the United States during Immigration Day. The students research a family member and portray that person in costume on Immigration Day. Becky has "Peter Sarpy" a historical figure from the founding of Bellevue in the early 1800's from the Nebraska Council of Speakers come in dress to entertain/educate the students. She invites St. Matthew's students to the presentation and to the annual trip to Lincoln. Becky also takes her class on a walking field trip around Bellevue to visit historical sites. The final activity is a re-enactment of Pioneer Day when Becky and her class stay on campus but relive history and the education of students in the 1800's.

Becky also orchestrates the annual Veteran's Day Assembly. She has made this the "best one around" according to the attendees. Students are able to give witness to her love of country and service personnel. This nurtures patriotism within the students, which is the goal of every history teacher. Love of country and those who have served are Becky's passion.

BeckyCherylAwardWhen students enter the middle grades, they still recall all of the fun that they had learning in Becky's class. They call it the field trip/activity year. They  remember the historical facts they learned in the 4th grade because Becky brought history alive to them.

What a blessing to have a teacher who brings so much to her students. We're glad the state recognizes what we've known for years. (Top photo: Three award winners, bottom photo: Chery Shanker (l) with Becky Feagan (r).

Fun, Sun and Spanish

JoanneDaveCancunWhat a way to end the school year, get ready for the next and support St. Mary's school. Mrs. Sjostedt, our Spanish teacher and her family enjoyed white sandy beaches, blue-ocean, and the opportunity to speak Spanish for a week. They won the bid at the 20th Annual Spring for the Children Benefit Auction for a week in Cancun. Mrs. Sjostedt says, "The accommodations were fabulous and the people were so nice. We had a beachfront villa with a spectacular view! We enjoyed all the activities... snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins, kayaking and of course just reading all our books by the pool and the beach. We are so very grateful. The best part was that I was able to speak Spanish the whole time!" For more photos click here.

Alumnae Honors at Mercy

Congratulations to St. Mary's alumnae who were on the Honor Roll at Mercy High School for the fourth quarter. Taking First Honors are: Allayna Bash, Marlene Djidjoho, Laura Sjostedt, Lauren Traggiai and Veronica Traggiai. Hannah Kimsey received Second Honors.

Fireworks Stand Opening - Volunteers Needed

Firework seller slots are available at the St. Mary's School Fireworks stand, which opens this Wednesday June 25th. The stand on the corner of 28th and Capehart Road opens at 10AM and will be open every day through July 4th. This is your chance to get a head start on volunteer hours, beat the rush on fireworks, buy early and often and save. Get all your family's fireworks here and ask your friends to do the same. Mention you're a St. Mary's family and you'll receive a discount.

Contact for the Fireworks Stand is Jennifer Kreps 402-881-2576 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sign up on Sign Up Genius. Time slots still available.

Wed June 25th

10am-12pm - Need 1

12pm-2pm - Need 1

2pm-4pm - Need 2

4pm-6pm - Need 1

Thurs June 26th

12pm-2pm - Need 1

2pm-4pm - Need 1

Sat, June 28th

6pm-8pm - Need 1

Sun, June 29th

8pm-10pm - Need 1

Thanks to everyone who has signed up to volunteer at the fireworks stand. This is one of the school's biggest fundraisers.

Alumni Honors

Kathryn Zieno earned Highest Honors at Duchesne Academy.

Rachel Norris earned Honorable Recognition at Roncalli High School.

Riley Hanson and Benjamin Reckmeyer earned First Honors at

Creighton Prep, and Ryan O'Neal earned Second Honors.

Congratulations to all of our St. Mary's School Alumni!

A Graduation Present

MattMomGraduation2014Two hours before his Baccalaureate ceremony Matt Delaney received the best graduation present a college graduate could ask for...a job offer. Thomas Jefferson High School in Council Bluffs offered Delaney a job as a Social Studies teacher. Matt said, "I accepted and am very excited to get started." What makes the job even more special at Thomas Jefferson is that's where his Mom, Sheryl Witkowsky graduated. (Photo of Matt and his Mom at his Graduation) The next day, Matt gave the commencement speech at Briar Cliff University's 83rd Commencement ceremony where he received a Bachelor's in Secondary Education and a Bachelor's in History with Endorsement in American History, World History and American Government.

Adopt A Student

The fiscal year is coming to an end June 30th for Adopt A Student donations. If you would like to help a student get a chance of a lifetime now is your chance. Call Cheryl Castle at 402-291-1694 or put a check in the church offering. Make sure to designate the donation to Adopt A Student or the Adopt A Student Endowment where your donation would continue to grow and help students more and more as years go by. Thank you to all 27 donors this year, 12 of them new donors. $8,975 has been raised for Adopt A Student and $1,625 toward the Adopt A Student Endowment fund.

Walking Tour

WalkingTour1Every year the 4th graders walk between 3 and 4 miles to visit Bellevue's historical sites. This happened on Monday, May 19th. Pulling wagons and sharing the task of "wagon master", students traveled the sidewalks of Mission Street towards the old bank building located on East Mission Street. Our history expert/guide met us at several locations with the bank being our first stop.

Next, we pulled our wagons, loaded down with our lunches north to the old log cabin once inhabited by Mrs. Mountain. With no indoor plumbing or modern conveniences the students saw first hand what it was like to live in such small quarters. Even the attic was a bit scary for the students as they climbed the narrow, curved steps up and down.

Heading southwest our wagons were parked at Washington Park's gazebo before heading over to the Old Towne Presbyterian Church. Hearing its history, including how the NETV movie of "Standing Bear" was partially filmed within its walls brought to life the significance of our town's early ministers and their missions.

After ringing its bells we traveled north again to the Bellevue Cemetery where we prayed over a grave of a pioneer child and paid our respects to Big Elk and a member of our parish whose remains were laid to rest with Fr. Mark presiding. All were silent upon hearing taps.

Refreshed by cool bottles of water we continued our journey back to Washington Park where everyone enjoyed lunch and recess including parents who volunteered to walk with us.

WalkingTour5After sharing the park with students of nearby Bertha Barber, St. Mary's 4th graders headed back up Mission Avenue with their wagons in tow. Our final destination was the Columban Fathers. After praying a Hail Mary at their grotto, Frans Lang became our tour guides showing us the many worldwide artifacts collected over the years by the Columban Fathers. Before going back to school, we walked a few steps more up to the chapel where once again Mrs. Lang spoke of its various altars honoring different saints important in the history of the Columban Fathers.

Thanks to Mrs. Lucia, who had ice cream treats waiting for us upon returning to our classroom seats.

Though our walking field trip was long, we were blessed with beautiful weather and good companionship knowing that soon our 4th grade adventure would be ending. I reminded the students often of the few miles we walked in our day's journey ...comparing its length to that of the real pioneers who once walked the land we call La Belle Vue. For more photos click here.

Mrs. Feagan, 4th grade teacher

Playground Update

New_Playground1We are getting closer to paying for playing. $7,500 from the Benefit Auction raffle will be applied to the school's new playground as well as $1,000 from the scholarship award that was not given out due to no applications received. That brings us to a total of $47,703.68, just a $27,296 shortfall. If you would like to help us reach our goal to pay for a new playground, donations can be directed to Becky Billings at school or dropped into the baskets at church in labeled envelopes near where Scrip is sold. Thanks for your support!

Field Day

FieldDayIt's fun to spend a day outside playing games! Due to the chilly temperatures on Field Day, water events were cancelled but the kids enjoyed the day anyway! On May 15th the 4-7th graders played tug of war, and lots of other games that were fun and creative in a physical way! Click here to see photos. Home and School provided lunch for everyone. Many thanks to Mrs. Billings for cooking all the hot dogs and wrapping them all up in foil. Thanks for a great ending to another great school year!

The Hat Toss

USAFAgraduation2014b1Sean Cork graduated from the United States Air Force Academy May 28th with a degree in Chemistry and was one of the celebrants to take part in the annual graduation hat toss. Sean says, "as far as the hat toss, it was just exciting knowing that four years of hard work had finally paid off and I would finally be going to fly as an officer in the United States Air Force. Seeing the Thunderbirds fly over with hats in the air was a fantastic visualization of my dream becoming a reality." Cork, no longer a cadet, is now a 2nd Lieutenant and will begin flight training in December at Vance AFB in Enid, Oklahoma. In his senior year at the Academy Sean won the bronze medal at the NCAA boxing championships and was named an All American in boxing. Sean is a 2006 graduate of St. Mary's School. Thanks Lt. Cork for accepting the call to duty. (Photo courtesy USAF Academy)

Saying Goodbye to a Great Teacher

St. Mary's family said goodbye to a very dear member. Cheryl Shanker received a standing ovation and there weren't many dry eyes at her retirement recognition at the last school assembly. Mrs. Shanker touched many young lives during her 44- year teaching career. She not only contributed to the learning of St. Mary's students, she spread her knowledge to many schools. From 1970-1972 she taught at St. Richards, and from there she substituted at Boys Town while working on her Master's degree until 1974. Shanker1Mrs. Shanker continued teaching at Our Lady of Lourdes from 1975-1979 until she moved on to Sioux City Sacred Heart and taught for one year. Her next step was Holy Ghost in Omaha where she taught during the 1980-1981 school year. After this she went back to Our Lady of Lourdes to teach for another whopping 22 years until 2003. Once she left OLL, Mrs. Shanker arrived at her final destination – St. Mary's. While at St. Mary's Mrs. Shanker taught mostly Social Studies and Religion and even a few years of Literature. Many alumni would tell you she was one of the greatest teachers they have ever had. Learning from Mrs. Shanker was seen as a privilege and looked forward to daily. Her teaching opened our minds and made us look at things in a new light. Colorful descriptions of places like Ancient Egypt brought us back in time to better understand their ways of life. Her lessons covered more than just academics. Maddie Breathnach, a 2014 graduate says, "She taught me about manners, and how to act like a lady." Life's lessons mixed with expert counseling are just two of the reasons we are so sad to see Mrs. Shanker go. After an amazing 44 year run, Mrs. Shanker, on behalf of all your students past and present, we would like to say a big Thank YOU! As a parting gift students in the 6th and 7th grades along with assistance from Mrs. Sjostedt and Mrs. Feagan made a memory quilt. Mrs. Mary Cutter sewed the quilt. The squares had her teaching history along with drawings of subjects that she loved to teach. She loves pirates so the back material was pirate material. Aargh! For more photos click here.

A Fun Day at School - Pioneer Day!

Pioneer_Day_1cropBefore the end of school our Nebraska pioneers enjoyed a unique experience. It all started when the 4th grade class dressed up in traditional pioneer clothing and "proved up" on their Homestead Act land claims. The pioneers had to fill out the "proving up" form and find two witnesses that would testify that they lived on their claim for 5 years and did indeed improve their land given to them by the Homestead Act. Then we did some "Math Olympics" which consisted of oral math questions. It seemed fitting since most one-room schoolhouses long ago didn't have many books nor paper and pencils. In the first round the students had to answer a one step math problem in 5 seconds; round 2 required an answer for a 2-step problem in 10 seconds and round three was group work to solve story problems. Thanks to Mrs. Lucia who helped set up our pioneer lunch out on the front lawn. Students washed up the old fashion way with homemade goat milk soap and a pitcher of water and a basin. Then it was time to sit on quilts and eat the pioneer style lunch they brought with no modern day wrappings. Thanks to Mrs. Swank and Mrs. Leighow for the delicious cornbread. The pioneers shook a jar of whipping cream to make their butter for the cornbread. Recess was a pioneer recess with pioneer toys and games: a top, Jacob's ladder, ball & cup toys and beanbag toss. Then we experienced pioneer chores -relay style, students collected real eggs, cut sod with a sod cutter, mended fences, mixed batter, and washed clothes with a tub and washboard. Toward the end of the outing pirates showed up and captured Mrs. Feagan. Her class didn't let her down. They answered a pirate riddle and "freed" her! Our pioneers were pretty hot and tired by late afternoon when they came in to cool air conditioning and cold-water fountains. Even Jeongbin, our Korean exchange student said she was glad she wasn't a pioneer! After a short rest they listened to pioneer reports to try and discover whom everybody was portraying and why that person was famous in Nebraska's history. The pioneers brought home their wagons realizing that today's transportation and conveniences are a true blessing! It's fun to experience another time; the 4th graders do it every year. It makes you realize how difficult things were for the pioneers and appreciate what we have today. For more photos click here.

St. Thomas Aquinas School Assistant Grant

St. Mary's School is excited to announce that it has received a St. Thomas Aquinas School Assistant Grant. The grant of $5,000 will be used to provide professional development opportunities for teachers. Teachers will participate in a technology workshop September 29th to learn more about integrating a mimio and document camera into classroom instruction. The money will also be used to purchase trade books for teacher book clubs and study groups throughout the year. The grant comes from funds set aside from the Archbishop's Annual Appeal.

Water Fight!

3rd_anual_extended_day_water_fightExtended Day hosted its third annual water fight before school let out for summer. The kids had so much fun getting all of the Extended Day staff soaking wet and playing in the water. It's a much needed "release" after a long but great school year. Along with the water fight parents brought something for what we call "creepy" snack day. This end of year we had kitty litter cake and blood shot eyeballs. The kids went crazy over the snacks! For more photos click here.

Thanks for the Memories

MemoriesImageThe 8th Grade Class has graduated, had their banquet and donned their new St. Mary's Alumni t-shirts. Scholarships have been handed out, their new high schools await, but one thing they are filled with are memories of up to 10 years together at St. Mary's. In their 8th grade book of memories they wanted to thank their parents for the gift of St. Mary's and the wonderful opportunities they've been afforded. Clearly their minds are moving ahead as they dream of the future, but not without saying: "Thanks for the Memories." Click here for the 8th grade program and memory book.

Early Bird Registration

No need to wait! Register now. St. Mary's School has implemented early registration for your convenience from May 27-June 13. Call Linda Maiefski between 8 AM – 1 PM at 402-291-1694 to schedule a half hour appointment. Once you're registered you don't have to show up in July for the regular registration. The summer is free and your next scheduled event is the annual Ice Cream Social to bring school supplies, visit classrooms, meet old friends and make new ones.

Alumni St. Mary's Class of 2010 - Graduating Seniors at Bellevue East - Honors

President's Award for Educational Excellence:

Students chosen for this award have earned a cumulative grade point average of 4.5 or higher and backed that up with a score at or above the 85th percentile on the Math or Reading sections of the ACT or SAT.

Michael Cook

Kaitlin M. Kozusko

James A. Schnitzer

Scott A. Walker

Academic Certificate Winners:

Students at BPS who were in the top 10% of the senior class for Fall 2013 (using weighted semester GPA) and were the recipient of three previous Academic Letters.

Scott Walker

Thomas R. Walther

Honor Society Cord Recipients:

Jennifer James

James Schnitzer

Scott Walker

Tommy Walther

Congratulations and Good Luck as you move forward in your academic pursuits. St. Mary's is so proud of you.

A Celebratory Picnic

SafetyPatrolPicnic2This was a picnic to say thank you for all the hard work the 6th graders in the Safety Patrol did all year long. Like the mailman nothing stopped them from performing their duties. In the snow, rain and the heat of the day they made sure all students crossed the busy streets to their waiting parents. This picnic was bitter sweet because it was Mrs. Shanker's last safety patrol picnic at St. Mary's. She will be missed for this and so many other reasons. The students ate pizza, drank soda and played kick ball. Jillian and Layla in crossing guard uniform made sure we crossed each street safely to Washington Park and back. For more photos click here.

Masquerade Ball 2014

Banquet8This year's 8th Grade Banquet turned into a delightful Masquerade Ball. The graduating class came all dressed up and their 7th grade sponsors handed them masquerade masks. The fun was only beginning. The 8th graders were treated to a wonderful dinner. They were honored for their merits with many scholarships and were blessed as they venture on a new journey. The Christian Boy and Girl for the class were named; the 7th graders had lots of fun presenting their prophecy of this year's 8th grade class, and the graduating class had even more fun presenting their Class Will to the 7th graders. The class video took them on a trip down memory lane from infancy through their time at St. Mary's School; there were some tears and lots of laughter. In_Alumni_t-shirtsThe school's newest Alumni proudly donned their Alumni t-shirts and spent the rest of the evening dancing and reminiscing. For more photos click here.

You Give – Omaha Gives!

Omaha_GivesFor one day only, today, May 21st from Midnight to Midnight Omaha Gives! is sponsoring a charitable challenge. Help St. Mary's by making a donation of $10 or more. The more money we raise, the more matching gifts we will be eligible to receive. Click here and make your gift today! There are $1,000 prizes offered every hour and at the end of the day, up to $10,000 will be given to the nonprofit who brings in the greatest number of unique donors. Ask friends and family to make a donation. Our students are the beneficiaries. To make donations click here.

Gifford Farms – A Living History Lesson

Gifford_Farms4revThe 4th and 5th grade class went to Gifford Farm to experience a new program. They traveled back in time to when people lived in a log cabin and experienced chores of the day such as gathering eggs, making butter, washing clothes by hand and stripping corn kernels from the cob. They also attended a one-room schoolhouse, sat in a teepee, bought supplies for a long wagon trip and hid in a corn silo as a slave. The hands-on approach brought history alive and made the words they read in class more meaningful. They have a whole new appreciation for the way we live today. For more photos click here.

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  146. Coupons are Rewarding
  147. A Baby Shower to Celebrate Life
  148. Are You Ready for the Pig Races?
  149. Show Your Spirit at Chick-Fil-A
  150. Take Charge of Education
  151. Parishioners Gift From Heaven
  152. Pre-K and Their Buddies Have Fun With Apples
  153. Walking the Runway
  154. Coming Home!
  155. Show Your Spirit!
  156. Chess Club Gets Underway
  157. Help Us Be Super Cool!
  158. Curriculum Night
  159. A Veteran's Gift
  160. Prepping for the Season
  161. Arrows to Aerospace Parade Keeps on Growing
  162. Newcomers are Welcomed to St. Mary’s School
  163. How to Make Molehills Out of Mountains
  164. August Rush
  165. Turn Your Shopping Dollars into School Donations
  166. Tremendous Turnout at the Ice Cream Social !
  167. Vote Today for Target! Ask All Your Friends!
  168. Target Your Votes
  169. St. Mary’s Technology Program Stands Out
  170. Ice Cream Social
  171. Family Handbook Now Online
  172. Be a Part of Tradition

St Mary's Information

St. Mary's Catholic School is a Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade School of the Archdiocese of Omaha. Our mission is to provide a Catholic education that nurtures students' hearts and minds to become servant leaders in an ever-changing world.

Our philosophy of education is to offer a five-day program to assist families in teaching those truths, skills, and ideals, which are necessary for Christian living. We believe that education must develop the faculties and abilities of the whole child: spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. To help achieve this, our faculty and staff are an integral part of the formation of Christian community and dedicate themselves to the task of developing Christian citizens.



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