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Math and Music?

St. Mary's 4th, 5th and 6th graders experienced a unique "Game Show". "Music and Math: The Orchestral Game Show" was part of the Omaha Symphony's Concerts for Youth. The production was a fantastic way for students to make a connection between Math and Music.

Holland1The audience of school children from all over the Metro area was divided into two teams, the Red and the Blue, as they came into the Holland Center. The teams competed to answer questions all the way through the "game" and the format was a great way to integrate the live performance of the music with the mathematical theory involved in musical composition. It was an entertaining way to add to and reinforce what the students already know about the connection between the two disciplines. The musical selections ranged from the theme to Mission Impossible, to "Cool" from West Side Story, to the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky, and Warehouse Medicine From the B Sides, a composition for computer and orchestra.

Our 6th graders expressed their thoughts of this unique experience:

Maggie: We had a little Music into Math contest with the blue team versus the red team. It was kind of challenging, but fun!

Tony: The concert was actually fun!

Ellie: We went to the Holland Center to become "Mathemusicians".

Kaitlyn: The flutes sounded amazing!

Therese: I liked the wonderful music; the conductor explained everything so we could understand.

Katie: I learned that Music uses patterns and fractions, just like Math.

Ethan: The best part was when they played the theme from Mission Impossible.

Maddi: It was interesting watching the percussionists move between lots of different instruments.

Annika: I had a great time and want to go again!

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