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School News 2011-2012

St. Mary's School Wins $ 25,000 From the Pepsi Refresh Project!

Thousands of yellow Pepsi caps, hundreds of people voting and countless numbers of people praying every day helped St. Mary's School win a new gym floor. This coming January thanks to Pepsi, and a pulling together of our community, St. Mary's schoolchildren and the Bellleuve community at large will take their first steps on a brand new Teraflex floor.gymlunch2New Gym Floor Coming!

After 18 years of patchwork, repairs and constant use from schoolchildren using this area everyday from eating lunch to after school sporting events, to the adult Bellevue community who uses this space for many functions including craft fairs, meetings and social events the impact of the revamped space will be tremendous.

Thanks to the Pepsi Refresh Project, which offers its customers the opportunity to win money for their favorite causes, we found an alternative means of financing our gym floor in this current economic state of affairs where foundations weren't funding capital improvement projects. Our overall coordinators for the Pepsi effort Kellie Kouba and Becky Billings entered us in the Pepsi Refresh Project in May. After a few tries, the August entry proved a winner! This was a concerted effort; our perseverance, persistence, passion and the ability to rally behind an idea and see it through, got us to the finish line.

St. Mary's school will also be replacing their lunch tables and bleachers from several school fundraisers and donations from people who believe in the school and the future it helps ensure.

More great news-St. Mary's School is on its way to winning the September $25,000 Pepsi Refresh Project grant for their Mobile Technology Lab!

St Mary's Information

St. Mary's Catholic School is a Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade School of the Archdiocese of Omaha. Our mission is to provide a Catholic education that nurtures students' hearts and minds to become servant leaders in an ever-changing world.

Our philosophy of education is to offer a five-day program to assist families in teaching those truths, skills, and ideals, which are necessary for Christian living. We believe that education must develop the faculties and abilities of the whole child: spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. To help achieve this, our faculty and staff are an integral part of the formation of Christian community and dedicate themselves to the task of developing Christian citizens.



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