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School News 2011-2012

The Summer Games

SummerChessSt. Mary's Chess Club members have been playing games this summer, all in an effort to keep their skills up for upcoming competitions. Last night they met at the Bellevue Library to put those skills to work as you can see under the direction of their coach, Mr. Kim. The club had a great turnout at registration with over 25 students signing up. If you are in the 3rd through 8th grade check us out. All you need is a desire to learn the game! Our club members have designed a t-shirt, which is now on sale.

School Lesson Sparks A Family Adventure

BillingsGlacierParkCropIf you ever had a child in fourth grade at St. Mary's School then you know something about National Parks. Every year Mrs. Feagan's class learns about our National Parks and the students make a presentation about the park they studied.

Callie Billings studied Glacier National Park and her sister, Jaycee, studied Yellowstone, so this summer their family went on a journey to discover what they had learned.

As they traveled the family hit the highlights: stopped at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD, traveled through the Badlands National Park stopped at Wall Drug , and saw Mt. Rushmore. They continued their journey of course stopping at Billings, MT! Next stop, Glacier National Park, where they climbed a glacier and made snowballs in July. They got to see God's beauty and quiz Callie on the facts she had learned. The family took a hike through the woods and found a beautiful lake at the end! They also visited St. Mary's Lake. Then they made their way to Yellowstone National Park so they could quiz Jaycee on what she had learned. At Yellowstone they saw many geysers, watched Old Faithful erupt, climbed up Mammoth Springs and learned what elevation does to your breathing. They saw all kinds of wild life and even had to share the road with a bison!

Mrs. Feagan had taught them well, they still remembered the answers to the questions that netted them their Jr. Ranger badges. Their parents were very proud of all the things they learned in fourth grade and were glad they were able to see the things they had studied in real life!

School Registration Reminder

registrationA2011We are looking forward to all of you coming back to St. Mary's and welcoming all of you new families at our School Registration Monday July 23rd from 1:00 to 6:00 P.M. in the gym. At registration parents will turn in their completed registration forms, blank forms will be available in needed. You will sign tuition agreements, pay the registration fee, and be asked to order special items students will need for the school year. You will learn more about Home and School and other organizations like Girl/Boy Scouts, sports and others that work with the school. You can also pick up gently used uniforms for free if you find one your child's size. Can't wait to see you there. If you have any questions call St. Mary's School at 402-291-1694.

St. Mary's Alumni Brings Home the Gold

NathanLeeFlagCropOne of St. Mary's own, Nathan Feldmann received the Congressional Award Gold Medal at our Nations Capitol June 20, 2012. Nathan was one of 277 exceptional young Americans, 7 of them Nebraskans, who challenged themselves and made lasting contributions to their community, country and themselves. The United States Congress recognizes young people who set and achieve goals in Voluntary Public Service, Personal Development, Physical Fitness and Expedition/Exploration.

To earn his Gold Medal, Nathan mentored the mentally and physically disabled at the Munroe Meyer Institute. He gave more than 400 hours to help them learn to swim, play, cook and interact with one another. Nathan was an active leader and member of his high school marching band (Papillion- La Vista South) involved in 5 competitions per year. He ran a half marathon, and he planned a five night snowboarding trip to Winter Park, Colorado. Not only did he learn the fundamentals of snowboarding, he learned how to effectively plan a large-scale trip that included all aspects of lodging, food, travel and budget.

Nathan says, "The Congressional Award experience has instilled in me the importance of goal setting and work ethic, which I will be able to use for the rest of my life. I have just completed my freshman year of college at UNL. I will continue to develop in these four core areas even though I am no longer pursuing an award. I will continue to apply these skills toward my academic and career goal to become a physician. I feel that the Congressional Award has prepared me for the challenges and obstacles that lie ahead. And that's the head fake. This award is not about the magnitude of accomplishments, developing a resume, or simply completing a checklist, but rather, how the Congressional Award has molded and shaped us into people of service, responsibility, and integrity. We must now go into each of our communities and apply what we've learned using our time, talent, and treasure that God has given us to make this world a better place."

Serving to the End

GirlsBlanketCropThe last week of school St. Mary's 3rd graders were talking about service to others. They thought about making blankets for the Essential Pregnancy Services, (EPS) a counseling center for young women and mothers across the street from their school. Their thoughts turned to actions. Mrs. Kimsey, a school parent, donated the necessary fleece. Mrs. Embury's daughter, Kristin, a St. Mary's alum cut the fleece for us. During their final days of school, the 3rd graders broke into groups and had fun tying the pink and blue blankets for little ones to use. Right after Memorial Day weekend Mrs. Embury and Charlie Kimsey delivered the baby blankets to EPS. Just one more way our students take Christ to others through their simple gestures.

6th Graders Initiative Gets Classmates Together

Missing classmates during the summer can be hard, so what is a girl to do? Plan a class reunion! That is what sixth grader Therese Ruff decided she must do, so using computer and graphic skills learned at St. Mary's School, she designed and printed invitations for all her classmates, then using the family directory she personally addressed, sealed, and stamped 27 invitations to her classmates to meet at Thompson Park. Everyone was asked to bring a healthy snack and a water bottle. Not everyone could come, but those that did, feasted on fruit and cookies, while playing kickball, having a water balloon fight and just general fun of being back together. The friendships grown at the school have gotten one student to reach out to her classmates before the new school year and just have fun together.

Sally Kim Receives Leadership Award

Sally Kim, a fourth grader at St.Mary's was honored at the 2012 CHANCE Luncheon June 7th. Sally was awarded the Leadership Award for her great efforts to learn English and use her talents to become a leader in the classroom.

Sally came to St. Mary's School as a third grader from Korea. She did not understand the English language or the American culture. It was her family's desire for her to attend our school and learn English and achieve in academics. With the support of her uncle and aunt in Bellevue, Mrs. Embury and Mrs. Feagan worked with Sally to help her learn to speak, read, and write English. Sally's teachers and classmates helped her adjust to our American school system and culture. With the help of her teachers and great effort on Sally's part, Sally became very proficient in English and academics. Sally's leadership skills became apparent as she worked with her classmates and with others in St. Mary's School.

Sally had to return to Korea before she could receive her award but John Knicely from WOWT read about Sally at the CHANCE Luncheon and the audience recognized her achievements. Sally will be receiving a certificate and a special backpack filled with cool school supplies for fifth grade.

This year Lou Holz, legendary Notre Dame football coach and ESPN sports analyst spoke to the group and shared his secrets for helping young people achieve. 800 hundred people attended the luncheon, with some being turned away. The luncheon was held to help spread the word about Children's Scholarship Fund of Omaha. The vision of the organization is to help low-income families have the opportunity to choose the educational setting that best fits the needs of their children. Children's Scholarship Fund provides tuition assistance to families in Omaha and the greater Nebraska region, enabling families to send their children to parochial and private schools. This year the generous donations of many will enable CSF to award 1800 scholarships totaling two million dollars.

For more information about Children's Scholarship please call 402-4440-1570 or go to their website at

Free Fireworks for Kids!


St. Mary's is offering free fireworks for kids who visit their Fireworks Stand. Do you have your fireworks for the 4th of July? If not, come on over to the St. Mary's Fireworks stand at 28th and Capehart Road. The stand will be open from 9 a.m. to Midnight starting tomorrow, Monday July 2nd through July 4th. Come and support St. Mary's School and stock up on all of the fireworks you'll need for a fun filled Fourth. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Anonymous Blessings

LewisGdByeGiftCropSt. Mary's School staff and faculty have been blessed again by their special "angel". For several years this "angel" has offered to pay for our end of the year luncheon. This generous parishioner who wishes to remain anonymous paid for all meals, drinks, desserts and even gratuity. Words cannot express our gratitude for such a wonderful end to the school year. May God bless our "angel"! For the second year in a row this special luncheon took place at the Upstream in the Old Market. Father Denny, Sister Ellen and Anne Nabors were also able to celebrate the end of another great year at St. Mary's School. This was also a time to say good-bye and good luck to Marion Lewis, (holding the picture of Mary) who has done a fabulous job teaching Kindergarten for the last 13 years. Mrs. Lewis will be teaching at St. Patrick's in Elkhorn.

Just Vote

Put Your Voting Power to Work Again - It could be worth $13,500!!! - Avery Contest - Vote Every Day through September 14th!

St. Mary's School has a chance to win $10,000 in Avery school supplies, $2500 in box tops, and a $1000 gift card! Remember the Pepsi Refresh Project grants that St. Mary's won TWICE last year? Those back-to-back wins were possible all because so many of you took one minute out of your day to vote. We need that tenacious spirit and minimal time again!

Avery, the office products & labels company, is hosting a contest and it runs through September 14th. It is super easy to participate. You can vote using your Facebook sign on or you can register on the Avery website ( On the right hand side, click on REGISTER NOW! Follow the steps and then submit. Once you're registered and sign in, go to the middle of the page, enter the 68005 zip code (only). St. Mary's will be one of the search results returned. Click the VOTE button to the right of your name. THAT IS are done for the day!

We estimate that we need a few hundred votes per day to win this. We need to be one of the top 5 by 9/14/12 and we are currently at 21.

Let's rally together again and win this! What a way to start off the next school year for our community!! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE every day. Contact Kellie Kouba if you have any questions (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 402-505-1047).

Touring Offutt AFB


St. Mary's 4th graders got a personal tour of Offutt Air Force Base - and what a way to start the tour - boarding an Air Force bus. The students saw different planes including the KC-135 jet refueling aircraft a B-52 bomber and Bldg D, which today is the largest athletic field house in the Air Force. Bldg D has a storied past. During WWII this was a bomber manufacturing plant where the Enola Gay was modified. It dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Then, the students were off to the base chapel where the base chaplain told them about the special stained glass windows inside the church filled with bombers, fighters and maps of countries from around the world. After that Col. Routsis presented the history of Ft. Crook/Offutt via a PowerPoint presentation. What a history. Then they walked across the "parade grounds"; saw some canons and toured Cassie's (one of our classmates) home on General's Row. The homes on General's Row are all registered as historical sites. It was an amazing three levels and the basement was a horse stable long, long ago. Cassie's parents provided pizza, lemonade and homemade root beer for lunch before the class returned to school. What a wonderful day!

Pioneer Day


St Mary's 4th graders bring to life famous Nebraskans as they experience "Pioneer Day." They researched the lives of such notables as Evelyn Sharp, Big Elk, Fr. Flannigan, Mari Sandoz and Suzette LaFlesche Tibbles and dressed up like them. 


Their afternoon began by washing hands the "old fashioned way" with a basin of water and homemade soap. They sat on quilts and had a pioneer picnic on the school front lawn. Two special treats awaited these pioneers: they danced the polka as Katie Gombas father played his accordion and they helped make a "Dutch Oven" chocolate cake. After racing through their pioneer chore relays, the students sought relief from the hot afternoon sun, unlike the true pioneers, inside their air-conditioned classroom where reports were read so all could enjoy the life stories of real pioneers. A funny footnote, one of Mrs. Feagan's students picked up a small slate she had on her desk and asked what it was, and before she could answer he said, "Is this an ancient I-pad?" Funny how things change yet stay the same.

Life on the Prairie


St. Mary's 4th and 8th graders spent the day experiencing the prairie firsthand at Homestead National Monument outside Beatrice, Nebraska. Their visit began at the longest running one room schoolhouse in Nebraska. They participated in daylong activities to assist them in their understanding of life on the Nebraska prairie from filing claims, doing daily chores to hiking 1.3 miles in the prairie land owned by Daniel Freeman, the first recorded homesteader in the United States. The highlight of the day was viewing the actual "Homestead Act" printed on animal skin signed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1862.

First Communion


Twenty students in Mrs. Sobilo's 2nd grade class received First Communion this year. Each of them prepared this whole year for a very special day. The girls in their beautiful white dresses and the boys in their suits each were called by name as Father Hanneman gave them their first taste of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

Becoming Junior Rangers

JrParkRngr1Each year 4th graders learn about the regions of the United States. Here at St. Mary's our 4th graders go a step further and discover the beauty of God's creation found in our national treasures - our national parks. Each student selects a national park; researches its history, natural features, plants, animals, highlights, accommodations, and more and presents what they learned on display boards as if they were "Junior Rangers". They present to the other classes during the day and in the evening parents, grandparents, and neighbors, discover these national treasures. A national park ranger visited the 4th graders and presented a national park certificate to each "Junior Ranger".

A Day at the Park

First a walk and then play! All part of National Walk to Lunch Day!


Students in grades K-5 walked to Thompson Park to celebrate the day. Once there they played on the parks new playground equipment, shared a healthy snack and some water. The afternoon ended with a clap of thunder and raindrops so students and staff had a chance to see how fast they could walk back to school! They beat the rain and everyone agreed this was a great way to get moving and enjoy time with their friends.

Math Competition

4Winners"Great Job" to 5th graders Maddie Kimsey and James Bennett and 4th graders Sally Kim and Cassie Routsis who participated at the Archdiocese Math Competition held at St Vincent de Paul in Omaha. Thirteen schools were represented at these grade levels. Congratulations to Maddie Kimsey who took 10th place [out of 26] in the 5th grade individual competition, Sally Kim who took 7th [out of 26] and to Cassie Routsis who took 5th [out of 26] in the 4th grade individual competition.

Storm Chasers Fundraiser for St. Mary's

St. Mary's is going to an Omaha Storm Chasers baseball game!! Sunday May 6th at 2:05 we have a group of box seats reserved for St. Mary's! We are using this as a fundraiser for St. Mary's school and would like to invite members of the parish as well. Tickets are $10 each for a box seat. Please call or text Angela Bennett at 402-926-8965 if you would like tickets.

Platte River State Park Outdoor Discovery Program

St. Mary's 4th and 5th graders have it their way while discovering the great outdoors! Each class chose 5 activities from 40 possibilities during their visit to Platte River State Park. Can there be a better way to start your day than paddling on a lake?PltRvr1 "Boating Safety and Kayaking" were HUGELY popular with the 5th grade students and their teacher. Learning about the Ogallala Aquifer and making and eating an edible aquifer made for a welcome snack, and then it was time to shuttle over to the shooting range for gun safety and shotgun shooting. After a picnic lunch on the hillside we headed over to the marina for "Featuring Fish" where we learned about the Asian art of fish printing, made our own fish prints and learned about the anatomy and habitats of Nebraska's fish, followed up by "No Fire- No S'mores". The 4th graders chose to "Go Beyond the Front Lawn" to learn about plants found in the Nebraska prairies. They experienced "3D Archery" by shooting arrows into 3D targets. No way could they pass up No Fire-No S'mores learning to make and then roast marshmallows on a real campfire. After lunch outside they explored a creek and nearby woods taking digital photos of God's creation. Some of their photos may be featured in an upcoming issue of the Nebraskaland Magazine as its photographer was their instructor. Their day ended by using GPS units to do geo-caching (a high tech game of hide and seek). Is there any wonder why these students can't wait for next year's adventure? Thanks to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission for providing this wonderful opportunity for free. To see more photos of the field trip go to the photo gallery.

Scientists in Action

SciFairCropThis year's Science Fair turned middle school students into investigators or inventors. Their challenge: to use the scientific method to investigate or create an invention to solve a real life problem. The 6th graders had to invent a "tool" for their Science Fair project as part of their tool time Archdiocesan Assessment. Who knows, some day we might see new tools like: the "Glicycle", the 'broom-mop", the "shovel-barrow", and "Hoppin' Shoes." Their investigations lead them to look at "how different liquids effect plant growth", "spider web construction", and "tongue testers." A large number of family and friends came to visit, and each student presented their project to interested visitors and fellow younger students.

Living Stations

Imagine watching the Passion of Christ. The Living Stations is an annual tradition our 6th graders offer the parish during Holy Week. It is a spiritual event that prepares us for the final meditation before the Easter Triduum begins. 


Mrs. Shanker selects the students who play these roles for the qualities they present as most closely mirroring the persons they portray. That selection process begins in the fall and is finalized just 3 weeks before practice. The meditations, the costuming, and sound effects all aid in reminding the congregation, which includes the entire school and parishioners, of this most somber event of Holy Week.

Chess Award and News

Nick3rdplaceChessCongratulations to Nick Kouba. Nick entered the Brownell Talbot Chess Tournament and represented St. Mary's School very well. He earned 3rd place in his division. We are very proud of him.

St. Mary's Chess Club will end the year this week with a party in the Spanish room. We wish to thank Mr. Kim for being an outstanding and dedicated coach. Sign up for next year's chess club at summer registration in July. Next year we will be purchasing t-shirts and hosting our very own tournament!

Oh! What a Night

St._Mary_Logo_croppedThis year's "Spring for the Children" Benefit Auction was a tremendous success, the best EVER! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! With everyone's support more than $67,000 was raised for St. Mary's. The Fill-a-Need portion alone, brought in $16,450, enough money to buy 18 laptop computers and 8 projectors for teachers to use in their classrooms.

The school and parish staff will discuss other areas of need and their priorities. We will include updates in the parish bulletin, school newsletter and school website as the rest of the proceeds are allocated.

Our 18th annual auction March 24th was a night of fun, fellowship, and financial impact for our wonderful parish school.

On behalf of the St. Mary's parish & school leadership, staff, parents, and students, THANK YOU so very much for your support.

Sowing the Seeds of Reading

Second graders at St. Mary's School vote for their favorite book and are anxiously waiting to see how their favorite compares with other students in the Nebraska Golden Sower program. Each year literature specialists nominate 10 outstanding books in 3 different age categories. Golden Sowers are Nebraska's Children's Choice book awards. Students throughout Nebraska are encouraged to read or listen to the books and then vote for their favorite.

Our library media specialist and 2nd grade teacher read all 10 primary-level books to our second graders. The students thoroughly enjoyed listening to the stories and participating in the voting process!

"Don't Stop Believin" Postponed A Week

New Time and Date!! That's the title of this year's Spring Musical and it is very fitting for our school. The musical, "Don't Stop Believin'!" is the rousing story of a group of teens and adults who work together to save their community center from becoming a parking lot. We are dedicating this production to the parishioners of St. Mary's Church who helped our school in so many ways this year. Thank you! Everyone is invited to attend the Musical's New Date and Time:  Friday, April 27th, at 6:45 P.M. in the school gym. Admission is free, but we ask you to consider a donation of Hamburger Helper to the Bellevue Food Pantry in lieu of an admission charge. We will have receptacles at the door to accept your food donations. We hope to see you all there.

Award Winning Artists

Five St. Mary's students won the Tres Bien Award for Exceptional Work at the 18th Annual Duchesne Academy Art Contest. They are: Erika Bennett, Danielle Cork, Yoonjae Hwang, Jason Kreps and Nick Walker. The following students have their art work on display: 5th Grade - Cate Lillion and Therese Ruff. 6th Grade - Megan Kreps, Nick Walker, Gillian Krueger, and Megan Kreps. 7th Grade - Maya Lewis and Lauren Traggiai. 8th Grade - Danielle Cork, Kalvin MCGargill, Erika Bennett, Yoonjae Hwang, Missy Walther, Clara Heltzel, and Jason Kreps. You have until April 19th to visit Duchesne Academy to see the accomplishments of our students. Those students receiving awards will be honored at a ceremony April 19th at 5:00 p.m.

More Academic Honors

St. Mary's alumni and students from our parish achieve 3rd quarter high school Academic Honors. At Gross Catholic High School these students earned a 3.25 GPA or greater: Louie Foral, Sarah Janda, Matthew Lewis, Patrick Mruz, Chelsea Schmitz, Lindsey Cork, Christine Hupf, Jennifer Lamagna-Reiter, and Matt Sis. At Duchesne Academy Kathryn Zieno received Highest Honors. Congratulations!

The Search is on For America's Top Young Scientist!

Do you have what it takes to be America's 2012 Top Young Scientist? Time is running out to prove it. If you are in grades 5 through 8 you have until April 19th to upload a video for the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. You can win $25,000, a special summer mentorship with world-renowned 3M scientists, a trip to Costa Rica with Discovery Student Adventures and much more! All you have to do is register online. Review this year's entry topics and create a 1-2 minute video, and upload it by April 19, 2012. The top 10 students will receive a trip to the 3M Innovation Center in St. Paul, MN to compete to win $25,000. All you aspiring scientists click here for details.

Drum Drum Drum!

Our 5th graders played to a different beat when they hosted professional percussionist Mark Power's for a two-part workshop. GirlsDrumThe first part of the workshop was a Junk Jam where the students explored rhythms with drumsticks and 5-gallon plastic buckets. The second part, Powers tutored them on African drumming. They played on several different drums and other African percussion instruments. They also danced to the contagious rhythms Powers learned from villages near Ghana and Benin in West Africa. A grand time was had by all - if you want to see the proof, ask Miss Kallman about the video she shot or go to the school website photo gallery and click on Intermediate for pictures from this event!

A Blessed Field Trip

2GrlsatCapitolFriday, March 23rd was a much-anticipated school day for the 4th graders of St. Mary's and St. Matthew's School. The students anxiously watched the rainfall during the week and prayed for better weather on Friday. Our prayers were answered as the clouds disappeared and the sun broke out along with bright smiles as the annual field trip to Lincoln began early before the school doors opened. We were triple blessed - with good weather, free lunches and a FREE trip! Thanks to Kellie Kouba who got a $700 Target Grant that covered the trip expenses and Brokaw Marketing for providing the lunches through their "Ag Sack Lunch Program." During lunch a UNL Ag student taught us of the importance of Nebraska farmers and ranchers. Did you know that there are more beef cattle in Nebraska than there are people? Did you know that if all the soybean farmers in Nebraska poured all their soybeans into Memorial Stadium they would fill the stadium twenty-five times? Well, doing it mathematically they would!! Parents and students alike were awed by the magnificence of the state capitol building, the Native American artifacts seen at the State Historical Museum and surprised by the monstrous fossils towering over them at Morrill Hall. We finished our trip with a final stop at the Holy Family Shrine near Gretna. Sitting in its pews and looking out through its glass windows onto the cars of I-80 and the prairie grasses nearby, the students could truly feel the presence of God in the beauty of Nebraska. We can't wait until our next field trip!

Breaking the Code

BoysCropMrs. Menzel's 5th graders became diet detectives as they carefully dissected owl pellets. They are the compacted, regurgitated, non-digestible remains of what the owl had for breakfast, lunch, supper, after school snack, whatever. After learning exactly what owl pellets are, what they're likely to contain, and how that information can help us learn more about these fascinating critters, we were ready to roll! The students did a terrific job of gingerly taking apart the pellets, separating, identifying and organizing the "goodies" they found. After analyzing all the data the students came up with some reasonable inferences. All-in-all,a great day in Science!

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