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School Policies

In general, our school policies are contained in our Family Handbook. Click here to see the current Parent/Student Handbook. Parents can also get a hard copy at the office.

Here are some of our key policies:


We want to see our students at school every day. Attendance is essential to school success and we want all of our students to succeed. St. Mary's School complies with Nebraska State law, which requires 1,032 hours of instruction for students per year in grades 1st through 8th and 400 hours for Kindergartners.

If your child is going to be absent for the day, please notify the school office. If you do not notify us of an absence, we will call you. If your child comes to school late (after 7:50am) they must sign in at the school office before going to class. Students must also sign out of school at the office if they leave before the end of the school day. When a student returns from an absence, please have them bring a written excuse with a reason and date of the child's absence. A written notice will be sent to parents when a child has missed 5 days within a quarter.

State statute addresses excessive absences in that a student with 5 unexcused absences within one quarter will be classified truant. For greater details on absences, including children leaving school during the day and excessive absences, please check the parent/student handbook.

A Philosophy of Instructing the Whole Child

In keeping with St. Mary's tradition, our Christian community strives to be respectful and faithful servants. As members of this team, we exhibit honesty and responsibility in all we do.

St. Mary's School community believes that RESPECT means:

  • accepting differences
  • using positive and affirming language
  • dealing peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements
  • honoring each individual's Circle of Grace

CCC: 1880

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves. Romans 12:10

St. Mary's School community, as the eyes and hands of Christ, demonstrates SERVICE by:

  • showing compassion to others
  • being responsible for accomplishing tasks
  • assisting those in need
  • problem solving within our communities

CCC: 852

God has given each of us a gift from His great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another. 1Peter 4:10

St. Mary's School community believes that TEAMWORK means:

  • being patient and open-minded
  • dealing peacefully with disagreements
  • being a self-starter
  • persevering

CCC: 1924-26

Behold, how good and pleasant it is when all dwell in unity. Psalm 133:1

St. Mary's School community demonstrates its FAITH by living as Jesus taught and reflecting his love in:

  • our words and actions
  • full and active participation in the Mass and other prayer experiences

CCC: 2472, 1083, 2659-60

I will walk by faith even when I cannot see. 2 Corinthians 5:7

Discipline Policy 

Discipline is jointly shared by the students, parents, teachers, school personnel, and administration within the St. Mary's School community.

General Conduct

Positive discipline will be used and encouraged. Appropriate consequences for specific misbehavior will be determined by the teachers, principal, and pastor. Each issue regarding misbehavior will be dealt with on an individual basis. Police and other legal authorities will be contacted when a violation of local, state, or federal law occurs. Behavior and consequences are in effect when the students are in attendance during school days and while attending school-sponsored events and activities.

General behavior expectations include but are not limited to:

  • being courteous to everyone in our school and school community
  • respecting the authority of school staff and personnel
  • following the directions of school staff and personnel
  • adhering to school safety rules
  • being a witness to our Catholic faith by respecting the dignity of each individual and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Examples of inappropriate or irresponsible behaviors include but are not limited to:

  • minor violations (tardiness, uniform violations, littering, being in unauthorized areas, running in the halls, disrespectful use of school materials, etc.)
  • disrespect for authority
  • misbehavior at Mass
  • tampering with someone's locker or personal belongings
  • fighting - physical or verbal assault
  • harassment (written, verbal, or physical)
  • obscene, vulgar, or suggestive language/gestures
  • cheating, tampering with report cards, grades, teacher notes, or tests
  • vandalism
  • leaving school without permission
  • truancy
  • possession, use of , or distribution of tobacco, drugs, or controlled substances
  • possession, use of, or threat of weapons
  • any involvement or association with gangs or gang-related activity
  • any unchristian behavior that is disrespectful, irresponsible, or inappropriate that is not listed above

For the full Discipline Policy, please refer to the St Mary's Handbook 

Healthy School Environment/Wellness Policy

St. Mary's recognizes that the school plays a critical role in creating a healthy environment for the prevention of childhood obesity and combating problems associated with poor nutrition and lack of physical activity. This policy requires all members of the school and community to maintain an environment that enhances maximum student potential.

Nutrition Education:
The primary goal of nutrition education is to influence students' eating behaviors. St. Mary's School will promote nutrition education throughout a student's PK-8th grade educational program. Nutrition education is incorporated into a variety of curriculum areas. These experiences provide the knowledge and skills necessary to make healthy food choices for a lifetime to come. 

Physical Activity:
The primary goals are to offer opportunities for students to experience a variety of physical activities and to teach the value of a consistent fitness program for better health, academic success and general personal well-being. Schools will promote opportunities for physical activity throughout the school day and during after-school programs. Physical activity, health, and fitness education are incorporated throughout the PK-8th physical educational program.

Nutrition Standards:
Students' lifelong health and nutritious eating habits are greatly influenced by the types and choices of foods and beverages available to them. School reimbursable meals meet the federal program requirements and nutrition standards. Staff will promote Archdiocesan standards and provide information relative to foods and beverages sold or served to students outside of the school meal programs.

Other School-Based Activities:
St. Mary's School promotes an environment that provides consistent wellness messages that are conducive to healthy eating and being physically active.


St Mary's Information

St. Mary's Catholic School is a Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade School of the Archdiocese of Omaha. Our mission is to provide a Catholic education that nurtures students' hearts and minds to become servant leaders in an ever-changing world.

Our philosophy of education is to offer a five-day program to assist families in teaching those truths, skills, and ideals, which are necessary for Christian living. We believe that education must develop the faculties and abilities of the whole child: spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. To help achieve this, our faculty and staff are an integral part of the formation of Christian community and dedicate themselves to the task of developing Christian citizens.



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