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Parent Testimonials

Chris Halliburton

St. Mary's School Parent from 2005-2014 - written in 2014

I look at St. Mary's as being the total package. You have the parish along with the school, both of which are supportive of families and Catholic teaching. The parish and school have been our support group - I know that no matter how tough life can get, there will always be a friend in faith to help. This setup bolsters a child's faith, confidence, and care for his fellow man that provides a richness to life that you can't get in public school. There's a solid purpose and direction with Catholic education. We have a mission statement and we live our mission statement: "To provide a Catholic education that nurtures students' hearts and minds to become servant leaders in an ever-changing world."

Maureen Swiecicki

Maureen Siecicki, St. Mary's School Parent & Grandparent - written in 2014

How could I forget the summer of 1988 as Paul and I, with our three teenagers, left Chicago for a new life in Omaha! God had answered our prayers for a new job opportunity for Paul. Now we prayed that our children would find their way in their new schools.

Alan was quickly enrolled as an 8th grader at St. Mary's in Bellevue and joined the cross country team. It did not take long for me to see that he felt he was part of his class. He was warmly welcomed by Miss Moore and her students, giving Alan a positive 8th grade experience at St Mary's. He even received a Special Student Award at the end of the year and a Knights of Columbus scholarship as he continued on to Gross High. I credit St. Mary's welcoming spirit and attention to the individual student for Alan's self confidence.

Alan and Melissa's children now attend St. Mary's. I already see our grandsons receiving individual attention in math and reading giving them room to grow and flourish. It is so gratifying to see the many opportunities St. Mary's provides for the students to share their talents and Christian values with others. 

Alan Swiecicki

Class of 1989 Alumnus, St. Mary's School Parent - written in 2014

My wife and I chose to send both our boys to St. Mary's to allow our children to learn in a faith-based environment. St. Mary's School is dedicated to teaching children respect for others in a spiritually rich environment. 

In addition, the curriculum consists of great self-directed academics and academic diversity. St. Mary's has numerous electives and after school clubs, for a smaller school, that allow children to be enriched. The younger children benefit from having a mentoring buddy, from the older grades, to guide them in their learning and increasing their level of comfort in the school setting. My wife and I have been thrilled with the curriculum and the teachers that teach it.  

Randy and Andrea Walther

Randy, Class 1971 Alumnus, and Andrea, Previous School Staff, St. Mary's School Parents - written in 2014

We were impressed with the amount of highly-learned, capable, and committed teachers at St. Mary's. Many of the staff have decades of experience and continue to strive for excellence. We feel they go above and beyond our expectations by providing a faith-filled and meaningful experience that our children would cherish today... and be compelled to provide for their own children tomorrow.

Tina Targy

St. Mary's School Parent - written in 2014

In the fall of 1990, I was so excited for my oldest daughter, Natalie, and my only son, Will, to begin attending school at St. Mary's. I quickly fell in love with the outstanding staff and began to volunteer. As my youngest child gets ready to graduate from St. Mary's school this May (2014), I am feeling very blessed to have had such a wonderful community help mold my five children into the successful young people they are. I have always felt that it takes a village to raise a child. From the Pastor, teachers, and staff - like Mrs. Kibler in extended day - they have all planted seeds of self-worth, kindness, academic success, empathy for others, a good work ethic, creativity, athleticism, and, most of all, a love and understanding of their Catholic faith.

My children have had their share of failures and challenges in their lives, but the staff at St. Mary's has always nurtured and guided them through whatever difficulties they encountered. This kind of support made their many successes a team effort. I know that my five children have had the best education available to them but, more importantly, they have had the example of what a servant heart looks and acts like from someone practicing their Catholic faith. I don't know of any other parochial school that has teachers like ours, who sacrifice their own time and funding to give students every opportunity to experience academic success. Our elective programs, clubs, and sports teams are all positive experiences that have prepared my kids for a successful future. I can't even begin to thank the staff of St. Mary's for all they have done to educate, guide, discipline, and love my children. I couldn't be prouder of all the things they have accomplished in their short lives and I certainly couldn't have done it without a lot of help. Thank you so much for your dedication to Catholic education and your love of children.  

Kathy Goetz

St. Mary's School Parent - written in 2014

I have 3 children who are students at St Mary's School. I believe St. Mary's School is the one and only school for my children. They have flourished both spiritually and academically while going to St. Mary's. Who could want more than that?

Becky Billings

St. Mary's School Parent and Staff Member - written in 2011

I am not an alumna from St. Mary’s, I grew up in the BPS system. When it came time to choose a school for my children, I thought back to my school days. I remember in high school the kids in my classes that had the best study habits and who just seemed to have everything come natural were all St. Mary’s graduates. Our valedictorians were all St. Mary’s graduates. You could tell they were more prepared than any other students to further their education. That's why I chose St. Mary's to send my two girls to, it was the one and only choice! 

2015 Update

Callie is having a great year! She was the starting first baseman for the JV softball team, is starting on the JV basketball team, and also playing some varsity! She is loving it at Gross Catholic High School and is doing well academically too! She is already in Geometry. She is so far ahead of some of the kids, especially in Spanish (112%). Wish we had put her in a higher class! I also should have put her in a higher biology class! She says she is doing some of the things she did in 7th and 8th grade at St. Mary's. So glad to know we at St. Mary's are really preparing our students for high school. She recently made the comment that going to Gross was the best decision she could make.

St Mary's Information

St. Mary's Catholic School is a Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade School of the Archdiocese of Omaha. Our mission is to provide a Catholic education that nurtures students' hearts and minds to become servant leaders in an ever-changing world.

Our philosophy of education is to offer a five-day program to assist families in teaching those truths, skills, and ideals, which are necessary for Christian living. We believe that education must develop the faculties and abilities of the whole child: spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. To help achieve this, our faculty and staff are an integral part of the formation of Christian community and dedicate themselves to the task of developing Christian citizens.



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